Boring Here Right Now But a Show (and a Lesson) is on the Horizon!

Ollie and Bernie in the daycare yard at the kennel they go to (Along with Abby the labradoodle and Gretchen the Westie). My Gretchen was already inside.

So we are still in the grips of the inlaw’s visit. Whohoo, fun for all (yes that is sarcasm!).

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The weather has been gorgeous but I haven’t ridden. Partly because of work, partly because I am still exhausted, partly because we have visitors. Ehh. Remus doesn’t care. He is in love with his neighbors so stares at them all night long at the fence line.

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I do have a lesson on the books for early next week and a combined training show a week from this Saturday. Hopefully the cold and rain stays away another week or two?? Fingers crossed!

Another shot of the kids πŸ™‚

It is definitely getting more fall-like and my horse is getting a winter coat fast. (Mostly cause the idiot stands outside all night mooning at his friends in 40 degree weather)! Poor Remus. Mentally challenged for sure. Good thing he is cute.

Image result for dumb gif
Totally Remus is the no sign of intelligent life…..


15 thoughts on “Boring Here Right Now But a Show (and a Lesson) is on the Horizon!

    1. it is hard to ride here by myself. But I will ride sometime πŸ™‚ Remus is at least getting exercise on his own on the hills!! He is getting a bit fitter just with that. He is not as jiggly LOL


  1. The in-laws are at my house as well. We’re having a good time though πŸ™‚ Yes, instead of letting them get wooly coats, we just put on blankets super early. So yay for gross blankets

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