Remus and His Dapples….

Someone is definitely feeling better though which is good news!

So it is pouring here today in the 50s then dropping to 40s later today and then going to drop in the 20s tonight. Fun. Next week I go to Dad’s on Monday and not only is it going to drop to the teens in the nighttime but they are calling for snow and ice on Monday. WHAT?? Meanwhile I am over here in a fetal ball stressing over my husband taking care of my horse next week (and cat and etc.). After Tuesday night (17 low yes) it will be cold but not that cold and Remus should be fine but I am so stressing over water and freezing and if he should be left out or put in etc. UGH. (I have an insulated bucket holder AND a heated bucket but he has to go up to the barn to drink and I have visions of him standing frozen to the ground watching his neighbor horses in the field next door). Anyway….drama stressing over here.

Image result for frozen gif
Remus next week probably standing there staring at his friends. SMH

Remus had his sheet on for like four days straight so yesterday it was in the 60s and warmish so I took it off. His dapples have really come in now along with his gorgeous winter color. At least if he is not being ridden much, he is pretty to look at, right??



I kind of want to connect the dots. Ha. Anyone else?

They are glorious in their dappleness 🙂

Yes slow news day here. But it wouldn’t be Fall without me sharing his dapples right?

Also we do have a lesson on for tomorrow at Trinity. It will be damp (though the rain is supposed to stop later) and cold (high of 40 tomorrow) but I will ride damnit before I go to VA next week. Also I am riding with a different instructor tomorow. Wish us luck! We might need it….

Remus looking so excited for his lesson…..:) nooo he just wants food. 

Anyone else suffering already in the cold?? I feel with the dampness I am always cold, ALREADY. Jeez it is going to be a long winter!!

Image result for so cold gif
me tomorrow in my lesson….

13 thoughts on “Remus and His Dapples….

  1. He’s so handsome with his dapples! Shiny got clipped and hers are really popping too. Love these yellow ponies!
    And yes, I’m already bitching about the cold. Part of me is reconsidering moving the horses indoors for the winter cause that means I’ll have to actually ride every day in the cold. Ew. Hope you have a great lesson! Can’t wait to read about it!

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  2. Loooooove those dapples!! So pretty!!
    Yes, we’re struggling with cold over here too…it is 18 degrees this morning. I have so far refused to break out my giant down winter coat that goes to my calves but I think that was a mistake to leave it in the closet today…oops.

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