Schnauzer (and Swine??) Saturday & Sunday

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Remus lost his damn mind last night. Like PigGate 2018 but the 2019 version (I didn’t actually see the pig.. About the same time of the year too.) I put him in his stall, he was eating his dinner fine, looked out the window (It was almost dark by then) and WHAM. Lost his damn idiot mind. OMG he almost ran me over ten times as I tried to take his blanket off as he was SWEATING through it. I went back out again and led him out and he lost his damn mind again(Blowing through his nose like he did last year, loudest snorts ever) and almost ran me over again so I just threw him back in the stall and slammed the window shut and the stall door shut. He was running at the stall door trying to get out. I was done, turned the lights off and was like eff this. I did creep out later just to hear outside the barn in the dark and he was quiet so I just let him be. He was either not going to be there when I went out this am or he would be but I was done with him by that point.

Image result for lost his damn mind gif
Me several times last night

I didn’t see a damn thing outdoors and even took the light out to check. Horse is nuts. I swear. Even this morning he was still keyed up and looking but did let me lead him out front and feed him out there. He had eaten some hay and drank some water over night so even though he was nervous he had settled some!

Remus meets Cass

No idea what it as but before all this happened I had gone to my neighbors to ask to borrow one of his horses. I am borrowing one of his paso finos for the week so Remus has company. Meet Cass. He is about 20 and very sweet. He stands at the other gate nickering at me so today I went over and put the halter on and lead him to my field

They are squealing and playing and getting along fine for now so hopefully by the time I leave tomorow night I will feel better leaving Mark with all this. And of course rain and 50s tomorrow dropping to 20s tomorrow nite with snow and ice. UGH High of 30 on Tuesday, low of 16. I am off to Tractor Supply today to buy a heated water tub so I can put something out in the field for them. I have heated and insulated buckets in the barn. But hopefully Cass keeps Remus’s head glued on. I was ready to give up horses last night and take up chess or something less stressful!

The other night I led Remus up in the dark with phone flashlight and he was being led with a dog leash (being resourceful I was) and he was FINE. Then this. UGH. So tired of having a horse that is more like a pendulum than most.

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Seriously my horse…

Anyway I had a fantastic lesson on Friday that I will write about tomorrow (it was cold as shit but we had a great lesson). And now to the cute photos of the pups! It is 65 today outside. And subarctic later this week. This weather is drunk!!  Go home weather.

Gretchen is starting to go into the crate for some reason so it is hilarious to see her there. Bernie continues to be cute but bad. Ollie I am not sure why I don’t have a photo of him this week!

The dogs go to the kennel (aka babysitters) tomorrow till Friday. I need to pack and get my shit together now that my horse seems to have his together for now!!  🙂 I think it funny how I borrowed a horse similar colored to my own, right? HA! Enjoy more photos of Cass and Remus!

7 thoughts on “Schnauzer (and Swine??) Saturday & Sunday

    1. yes i wish i had seen it but that was EXACTLY how he acted last year. Though there was a literal coyote next to my house last night. Scared the bejesus out of me woke me up!! LOL freaking country living 🙂


  1. Maybe he could smell it? Try putting some vicks in his nose time he acts like that, see if it helps?
    Pammon acted that way when a coyote was in the yard recently. So maybe it was the coyote? I dunno. Horses, amiright?! Hope having a friend helps. They look content together!


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