Lesson Recap! Also a Question?

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I don’t have a load of time due to traveling today and having to get everything set for the winter squall bearing down on us (UGH). It is 60 degrees and SUNNY right now here.

It was so nice yesterday we had a turtle convention going on in the pond area 🙂

Going to rain all day later today and drop to 30s then 20s overnight. I leave at 430 today. My question is what blanket/sheet would you put on Remus?? I have to put it on today before he gets wet. I was going to put the 100 gram on since tomorrow day is in the 20s and tomorrow nite is supposed to be 16. Then the rest of the week is 20s at night and highs of 40 so he would be fine. I was going to put them up tonight due the wintry mix but the new buddy Cass is not a fan of the stall. SO I am thinking of just propping doors open and here’s hoping the nimrods go up when it is 15 degrees and raining/icing/snowing.


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SO what blanket would you put on Remus? I have a 100 gram, a heavier 200 gram. I have a 100 gram liner I could put under a sheet? I could just put a sheet on him? Mind you Mark can remove blankets just not put them back on so whatever he gets put on will stay on till it is warmer by Friday.

Why couldnt the weather stay like this. (And aww scratches)

Inquiring minds wanna know. Horses. I swear Chess or Tennis sounds like a better hobby right now.

On to the lesson. It was cold and windy and brghh. The sun was out. I actually COULD not catch my horse (thank god I went out early to catch him). He ran and ran and ran away from me. I hated him at that moment. I had carrots etc. He did not care. Then I got a light bulb moment and reached into my pocket for the snickers I had packed for me. And rattled the hell out of the wrapper. SCREECH TO A HALT and turned to look at me. Caught the horse. (He was determined not to leave his field buddies was his issue). He loaded fine and off we went.

Got there and I wasn’t even on the schedule. Gotta love that right? BUT I had confirmed and the new instructor came right back to teach me. She helped me do some flat work then asked if I wanted to jump or canter and we were having so much lfun with the trot work I said let’s keep trotting. We literally spent the whole lesson mostly trotting on a circle. But it was heaven. Remus was coming from behind and carrying himself into a frame without me forcing him. We had three or four WONDERFULS out of the instructors and a few of DID YOU FEEL THAT HE IS MOVING SO GREAT. Remus was spooky but in tune with me and was just trying so hard. No attitude no pissy ears and not overreaching down. (Okay he did do that a few times but she showed me how to lift my hands up till he stopped and then release and he would go back into the correct frame). It was so great. I haven’t had a lesson like that since Emily and even back then he would be so heavy on my hands my shoulders would hurt. Guys, nothing hurt after the lesson. It was so wonderful.

Remus was tired too I guess! I also got no other media. ONE DAY I WILL GET MEDIA! 🙂

Full disclaimer: the next day my abs and quads were KILLING ME. I guess I used muscles I am not used to using? HA Not going to lie. I was dying with pain.

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We also chatted about the possiblity of Remus coming there for a month or two this winter and they would even work something out with possibly using him for lessons a bit. Which would be great. Horse needs more work and I need more work. We will see but it was a fantastic lesson. The two instructors there really work together well. The one I use usually is more about the overall ride and jumping and this one just got down to the dirty work on the flat which I NEED SO BAD. If he gets straighter on the flat he will jump better. Makes sense right? Things I should know and don’t. Yeah I am an idiot.

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And I am off to Virginia today. So blog darkness for a bit. Have fun and behave you all. After tomorrow I will be able to at least read blogs (Taking Dad for doc appts tomorrow all day).

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11 thoughts on “Lesson Recap! Also a Question?

  1. Could you do the 100g blanket and then throw a sheet over it? So, 2 waterproof blankets for tomorrow. Then, have Mark pull the top sheet so he has just a 100 gram on for the rest of the week. The sheet plus blanket will give him a little extra, but a blanket vs a liner will allow Mark to pull something off of him.

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  2. I like Sarah’s idea too! Go with that.
    Sounds like a super lesson! I had one yesterday also, and I too am SO SORE! You don’t need abs to ride Shiny. Definitely do to ride Eros. Ouch.
    Have a safe trip!


  3. I haven’t blanketed June. She has a winter coat and until I clip her, she’s totally fine. So, my advice is not to blanket. But it sounds like you have a good blanketing plan 🙂


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