I Am Back: Cold Weather Still Here But A Bit Better…

I am so tired from my trip to my dad’s where I essentially got rid of ten tons of 50 years of memories. (We kept some, so don’t despair!) I also found a literal box of slides about the size of a medium moving box and a projector so cant wait till it gets here to go through. Some of the slides are from the 40s and 50s from my grandparents as well as newer ones from my parents then ones of us as kids. So cool.

Image result for ooh ahh gif
Me squinting at slides through a tiny view finder all week LOL!

I could have stayed there six more weeks and barely made a dent in it. Crazy times ahead as I need to go back and continue the effort of cleaning house to get my dad’s house on the market.  I told my dad if we had gone on the Let’s Make a Deal show we would have won handily considering that I have never seen so much stuff in one closet. I was pulling out all sorts of stuff including my wedding dress, my old cowboy hats from when I showed Western, and so on. It was pretty nuts.

Image result for Let's make a deal
Does anyone in the audience have a ?????

The horses made out fine considering the weather was HORRENDOUS. UGLY. TERRIBLE. Poor Mark. He had to carry out water from the house a couple times as he was gone during the day to work when the spigot and hose would thaw and when he got home in the dark and cold, the greedy horses had drank all the water out of the heated tub. I mean I am so glad they drank well, but still. But he made it. I think he was very glad I was home though and he could pass it off on me. He left today for Boca Raton FL for work (LIFE IS SO HARD FOR HIM RIGHT??)  I wish I was going to where it is 80s during the day (well maybe not if bugs come back). It is nice today but the evenings are still coolish. I hope to get a lesson in this week but between work meetings and Ollie has a dental scheduled this week and ten other things going on, who knows if it will happen.

Image result for so many things gif
except ride my horse (oh and watch tv with dogs on my lap. WHY isnt that a job?? 

Caz (I found out how to spell his name correctly) is working out fine for now. The other horses were moved back home yesterday and both Remus and Caz were sad. But Caz’s owner said he has never seen him as close to his own horses as he is to Remus (they pretty much share grass) even though Remus is shitty to him at times, (Remus = always a bully) they are getting along well. I think Caz thinks he won the lottery coming to my house to live. Square meals and plenty of hay is a-ok in his book! He is sweet but a bit of a pushy one when he was in the stall my first morning back he almost ran me over trying to go out the door. He hasn’t learn the pointy finger of terror that Remus knows about. HA. Since Caz is about 20 and not very agile it was easy to push him back (he is tiny too).

Ollie is still enjoying the side by side!

Otherwise I am holding the fort down this week. Stay tuned if I manage to actually ride my horse (and I am a bit worried how Caz will act on his own if I do haul out). Never dull and boring, my life!! Well it is boring and dull but never predictable!! How was everyone else’s weekend?

Bernie is not sure why she doesn’t get to run free like Ollie, ahem. No Bernie No. Just No.

13 thoughts on “I Am Back: Cold Weather Still Here But A Bit Better…

  1. That is 100% what I feel like when I go over to my parents’ house to help them unclutter. I don’t know how a person could fit so many towels and sheets into a linen closet I swear. Stay warm and stay sane

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    1. My grandfather was an admiral in the Navy and traveled a lot with my grandmother and mother so there are a lot of photos from the late 30s to late 50s so can’t wait!! i will do a blog post for those geeks that like that stuff 😉 (AKA ME ) HA HA HA i cant believe i found the projector too. The thing has to be older than me but still works 🙂

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    1. If i hadnt flown (I usually drive) I would have brought them all back with me I want to dig in. I doubt there are any of me western but I can look!! I did find photos of some horse stuff too and threw them in the box too! HA HA HA Yes Granddaddy has/had a sub named after him (last name was Kirk) you can look it up! 🙂 Admiral Oliver Kirk. history is cool but even cooler when your family is in it 🙂 HA!


  2. Oh those slides are going to be so fun to go through! Hope you’ll let us know what you find!
    I was in TN for 30 minutes on Saturday and thought of you! Ha! We stopped at an airport in Portland for fuel.
    Anyway, glad you’re home and that Remus has a friend again!

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  3. I am here to say 1) your wedding dress is gorgeous, do not get rid of it and 2) YES PLEASE SHARE SLIDES!! I am a proud Merchant Marine and Navy Reserve mother and am extremely impressed that your grandfather was an Admiral. Would be tickled to see photos!

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