Either My Trailer Has Measles or Ladybugs Are Back!

So many ladybugs

It is like a horror story come to life at my farm. The ladybugs are back. They are everywhere. On a warm day they literally swarm my trailer. And it grosses me out.

These things CREEP ME OUT

They also swarm my barn in the afternoon sun. Today is supposed to be almost 70 and I have the barn doors closed because I know those suckers will be out.


And of course they land on my clothes and get inside too. ICK. Go away ladybugs. You bother me.

IMG_3876 (1).jpeg
see measles!!

Is anyone else bothered by them? I mean they dont bother the horses, they don’t bite, they do nothing but annoy me. But still. Shudders.

Meanwhile these photos show I need to wash my trailer. IF I didnt have conference calls today I would go out and do it, gorgeous day today. Then rain the next few days. SOOOOOO oh well. Slow news day here! Hope everyone is having a good week this week!!  And no one else is bothered by ladybugs.

Image result for do i look bothered gif
anyone else a Catherine Tate fan?? Just me? LOL 

19 thoughts on “Either My Trailer Has Measles or Ladybugs Are Back!

    1. SEE I KNEW THEY WERE NASTY! (UGH). I have had an infestation in my barn ever cold night where thousands die. I just blow those suckers out with the barn blower. 🙂 HA Good to know! UGH


  1. I get them too, but IN MY HOUSE. Disgusting. And they stink of you accidentally squish one. I used to like them, when it was a real rarity you’d see one. But not these that come out in droves. No thanks. Still though, prefer them in the house to the squirrels. If I had to choose.

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    1. YAY I knew someone would like her like i did. I have to admit Doctor Who is where i found out about her but my husband who is British is the one who intro’d me to her other stuff. She is hilarious. 🙂 (And yes infestation is correct)!


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