Schnauzer Monday

Weekend got away from me. Not because I rode or anything fun like that but because I am in the doldrums and not feeling life right now. So Schnauzer Monday it is. At least these dogs make me smile. Right?

Ollie on way to vet

Ollie had a dental this past week. Scared me to death to put him under but good thing we did it! He had a slab fracture in one of his molars. How he was eating my vet has no idea. They fixed that and pulled a few smaller teeth. He has a typical little dog mouth so his teeth are not great. He will need another dental next year most likely. UGH. He was pitiful the first day, coughing and just moping but he bounced back quick enough!

Ollie on way home. Sleepy. very sleepy!

Bernie is wild as ever except when she is sleeping. Then she sleeps very deeply 🙂

Silly dog. Sleeps upside down. All the time.

Yes Ollie is on the coffee table. Whatever. He is rotten!

We had rain and cold all last week so no lesson was had. Then I could have ridden yesterday but just wasnt feeling it. It was still quite cold and windy and Mark came back from FL with a cold that I think I am fighting off.  I am hoping to ride this Wednesday at Trinity if they are having lessons. I need to ride. I also need to see how Caz is with Remus off property.  Oh and it is going to rain tomorrow then be okay Weds then rain the rest of the week into next week. I am so thrilled I am sure you all can imagine! Mud is at all time high already here. Fun fun fun. Not.

Ollie relaxing, Gretchen on my lap. Always

The other night I got photos of Ollie and Gretchen sleeping head to head. SO CUTE. Bernie is in background but she is so dark you barely see her. Twue wuv.

Image result for twu love


My dad has a doctor appointment on Wednesday I am worried about (another melanoma, ugh) and of course it has to be right before Thanksgiving. This same thing they have been treating as a cyst since JULY and now only discovered, oops it is not a cyst. Thanks expert doctors. You suck. They already know his history (he has had several stage 4 melanomas and beat them but still) but chose to treat it as a cyst.  Fingers crossed it is not that bad but Dad is convinced it is. Sigh.

Image result for you suck gif
me to his doctors….

While you all think positive thoughts this week I also would love prayers and thoughts for a dear friend (colleague) of mine who worked with us a few years back and remained a good friend. She was in a terrible accident in Mexico while on a cruise and is on life support there. They had to do major facial surgery yesterday (she had like 15 bones broke in her face alone) so everyone send up prayers for her. She is so lovely and has a wonderful family with grandkids etc. and that really has knocked me for a loop.

So that is my shitty week/weekend in a nutshell. Sorry I am going over in the corner to whine some more. Hope everyone has a good week and a Happy Thanksgiving.

Image result for Whine gif
to myself

5 thoughts on “Schnauzer Monday

  1. That’s a tough week – sending good thoughts and vibes to your dad and your friend. Doggie dental is awful too (and expensive). I hope your Thanksgiving week clears up and dries up. Thinking of you and yours

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