Boarding Again…Not Too Shabby

So enthused…but so damn cute right?

So Remus hasn’t been at Trinity a week yet but he has:

A) already been ridden 4 times (two times by me, two times by the barn’s 11 year old daughter)

B) seems to be pretty happy there though he does wish he had unlimited food like he did here at home

C) been decorated in a holiday hat and made to perform on cue for photos

D) had all the barn kids (and moms) fall in love with him and adore him so he is spoiled rotten STILL

E) gone on a hack with me riding and two other women riding and I did not die

F) heard and saw cows and wondered what the F those crazy things are….

So not bad for just a few days. It is a bit of a haul there but it is nice to go there and be around other horse-crazy adults (and kids). I hopped on yesterday while lessons were going on and we just did some on the loop rein trotting and cantering around everyone and he was really laid back about it all….I am going to get a lesson in this week and then I head to VA/DE Saturday so maybe I will get a couple more rides in before then.

enthused right?

The chiropractor comes today too! So be cool to hear what he finds out with Remus.And considering it is going to rain (or SNOW) all week when the temps plummet, I am not missing having him at home. The mud is horrid here from the rain the other day so it won’t get any better.  Mud is bad at the current barn he is at but they have the footing for it!

hanging with his homies (Over the fence)

How was everyone else’s weekend?? And did anyone else abuse their horse like we did?

Remus wants to file a complaint….:) Too much holiday and not enough apple 🙂
Wild school pony right?


13 thoughts on “Boarding Again…Not Too Shabby

  1. woohoo! He looks super happy and chill at the boarding barn. I’ve debated having a chiro out for May, but she is so stoic stuff like that always feels like a waste of money. (but was a god send for my other horse, who was super sensitive). Here’s to riding with other people in a ring.

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  2. Yay so glad to hear it is going well there and you are getting lots of saddle time. I’m going to have the opposite move at the end of the month when I move Rio home to my parents’. Of course my mom will be caring for him full time and not me, but ya know! I’ll still see my barn friends when I lesson thankfully, because I do love the social aspect of the barn a lot.

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    1. He was a (Remus) shit today…..but i rode and lived to talk about it (He really wasnt that bad but I am sore from pushing him forward) HA And it sure helped not having to hitch a trailer up in 20 degrees this am. instead hopped in my truck in the warm garage and backed out and headed for barn 🙂 very nice (Plus waters would have been frozen today HA).


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