Merry Christmas ( and Happy Holidays) to All!

Barn rat on buckskin 🙂 

Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and more to all the people who follow me and that I love to follow!! My postings may be sporadic now but I still read alot of blogs each day and try to keep up.

Image result for sporadic gif
Always will use this gif when i use the word sporadic! LOL

I am hopeful that in 2020 I will have more to blog about.

Remus’s feelings on the holidays hahahaha

For now, enjoy your families, and if you are off work, enjoy the time off! I may post once or twice before the New Year if I get a lesson in this week and next but for now enjoy Remus’s skeptical looks as I rode him the rain yesterday. He has become quickly a barn favorite for lessons (in fact I pulled up yesterday and one of the barn kids was riding him and hopping over some crossrails, so cute). Imagine Remus’s surprise when I swapped tack and took him back out to the ring (No worries on overworking him I was literally walking him on the buckle in the rain, it was gross). Also everyone laughs at the fact my horse knows my truck and stops everytime to look over at the truck when I arrive wherever he is. And if I walk over to the ring he makes a beeline for me (kids riding him be damned) hahahha oh Remus you do make me laugh!

Remus was like get off me and take me inside woman! It is raining out here! Also look how fuzzy he is!

Image result for bah humbug gif

Also, a massive UPS fail on a package Mark got this week. Seriously. Did the guy hang it out the truck by a chain and let it pound on the road to get to us?? Part of the hitch was missing (ball and pin piece). Not surprised. Literally the box is how it was left on our doorstep. Tis the season and all that shit. Bah humbug! 🙂 And of course the person Mark bought it from is not answering. Hate the world! Anyone else??

They managed to keep one side of the box in one piece. Well done!!
Image result for bah humbug gif
This may have made me laugh way way too hard this morning 🙂 Perfect way to sum up my feelings this year 🙂

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