Lesson Again!

Remus’s pasture buddy Mickey, is he not the most adorable thing in the world??

I am managing to have a lesson once a week so this is very good for me. If the rain would stop on the other days I might actually ride more often. UGH. And if life would slow down. Due to it being a 40 minute drive (sometimes depending on traffic) to the barn I have to choose when I am going to have time to ride. I can’t just drive out to pat him and give him treats anymore.

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Remus seems to be happy there and they seem to be happy with him. My one or two issues there are normal boarding barn things. AKA my lead rope has run’d off several times (the900facebookpony trademark saying!). Thank you Amanda I will never unthink that from now on. So I have to go find that. Also they are not as vigilant about sheets and blankets as I would like. I think they want Remus to lose weight by shivering at times. It ain’t working! The barn is FRIGID (concrete with open windows and the aisle doors have never been shut since I started coming there). I myself would have a sheet or blanket on him more mostly cause he is SUCH a pig and loves to wallow in mud. But small things. I also would like them to feed him a bit more hay in his stall for dinner (but he has a round bale all day so I think it all equals out). It hasn’t been that cold really, in fact all my liners and heavier blankets are still clean or new in garage. But it has been damp. Ick.

His tail is nuts now. Jeezus..it is also dragging the ground again…and do not say he is fat. We know he is well-rounded 😉 HA

We had a lesson yesterday and I had a slight headache (which has now morphed into a MF**king headache from hell today) but we had a nice lesson. It got warm fast (This winter is insane with the flip flop temps 60s one day 30s another) so Remus nor I were very motivated. We are still having GREAT trot and canter work and I am moving Remus over to the rail with my legs and he is responding so well he is actually a fun horse to ride now. No pissiness with me using my legs on him even into the canter. However,  our jumping was not great but he is doing so much better, now I am the one messing up now. UGH. Working on it.

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The vet came and drew his coggins for me while I was riding (hilarious, Remus impressed them mightily). So now I will be able to haul out and trail ride some which I want to do very much!! I do think this barn is never letting me bring him home so I may need to think of something to do with the barn at home….hahahaha

Pretreat: Not feeling it (PS not my lead rope natch look it doesn’t match!)
YOU HAVE COOKIE? (Feeling it now) HA HA

The one good thing is my tack has never looked better. The bridle gets cleaned everytime someone rides him and I have been really good about cleaning my saddle after riding. I need to oil it though. But otherwise it helps having a real tack room to clean tack in after riding!! Also see the vacuum?? They use it on Remus. It cracked me up cause he hated it at Emily’s in PA but he is like hohum now. I havent used it yet.  Because they clean him up so well when use him for lessons, he is never too dirty (unless there is mud) when I go to ride!!

Is it the weekend yet? Not sure why this week feels so damn long??? Anyone else struggling? Or just me…(Oh and more rain the next 3-4 days, yippee? Not)…ugh

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What i feel like doing at work this week ugh

11 thoughts on “Lesson Again!

  1. TWO FAT BUCKSKINS!!! I’m dying lol. The cuteness level is overload haha! I’m glad you’re able to do weekly lessons! I’m glad he seems to be settling well there tho, and of course that everyone loves him. And his fat butt dimples are adorable LOLOL

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  2. That pony is pretty cute, you should steal it. I sometmes get extremely loud leadropes to keep them from “walking”. It worked really good at Ins T barn where seeing it gave her an aneurysm everyday lol. Also putting a little name tag on your lead rope might help too lol

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    1. funny story: the maroon leadrope attached to my halter, had a name tag (it was Smooch’s leadline big warmblood black horse there). so that doesn’t help 🙂 HA. Mine is bright purple (Of course)…i know it was back by the school ponies pasture but I was too lazy to go get it will get it next time I am there 🙂 HA
      and I would take Mickey any day of the week he is so damn cute and a sweetie to boot! 🙂


  3. Definitely take that pony home with Remus in the spring. They won’t miss him, he’s small.
    The leadrope thing can definitely be an annoyance at any boarding barn. One positive at the boarding barn where my horses are is that they do a decent job of not mixing stuff up on us. Not that it never happens, but they’re pretty good.
    Yay for consistent lessons! I’m sure you’ll both be in the groove at the same time soon.
    Hope your head is feeling better!


  4. There is literally nothing I remember from O Brother Where Art Thou other than “Mrs. Hogwallup done R-U-N-N-O-F-T”. I have no idea why that amuses me so much.


  5. lol you’re nicer than me when it comes to sheets! I looked at Finn this winter and said “you’re fat- no blanket for you!” And he’s been naked ever since 🙂 I”m about to do the same thing to Chimi b/c he’s also so hairy and fat!!!


  6. so exciting that you’re getting regular lessons again!! boo about the lead rope tho…. one year i bought a bunch of key tags from smartpak and put them all over all my stuff. kinda helpful! i also have some very specialty duck tape (bright pink with unicorns) that i will put on some of my stuff to at least tag is as mine…

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