January Is Zooming By and Input Needed

Mark and I were having lunch out on Sunday and look what I spied right outside the window LOL I think he wanted some salsa and chips too!

Life is going so fast right now I can’t even get to the barn yet this week, let alone keep up with this blog. I have a lesson this Friday again (I can’t go tomorrow due to effing work, grumble grumble).

Since I have no content at all really, I am going to do a query type post. I am thinking of selling my trailer and getting one with a dressing room. So I am throwing this out to the masses to see what people think/like about certain brands of trailers.

These two crack me up….

My trailer is a 2015 Kingston, two horse straight load, extra tall, extra wide, with ramp with no dressing room. Empty, it weighs 2300 lbs. It was great to pull with my Ridgeline. Now with the Silverado I can beef it up a bit and get a trailer with a dressing room. I talked to one dealer and they really lowballed my trade-in so would probably need to sell my trailer first. But for now, I am looking for feedback on what trailers you like, what ones you don’t, and what musts and wants would you suggest? I know a few of you have different brands of trailers. So let loose with your suggestions! Emily has been very on point with suggestions but she also loves to spend my money so want other opinions (just joking with you Em)!

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My short list:

  1. Straight load
  2. Bumper pull
  3. Warmblood sized

The dogs are STILL rotten and do get groomed tomorrow. Thank goodness! They resemble mops by now!!

Hope everyone is having a better week than me this week! HA

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36 thoughts on “January Is Zooming By and Input Needed

  1. Yay for trailer shopping!
    I LOVE my Trail Et. It checks all your boxes AND the dressing room has tons of windows so it stays cool. I’ve begun turning mine into a legit living space, and it feels really roomy in there. They don’t make the brand anymore, but you can find them used. There are two other brands that have incredibly similar trailers, I know Britt has one and Amanda does too…


  2. Mine is a Gore and I LOOOVE IT. Seriously. I sold my truck and bought a new one with more power b/c I didn’t want to find a new trailer. It’s a 2000 (or 1999?) 2 horse gooseneck, extra tall, extra wide, w/a dressing room, and from my understanding Gores hold their value really well. There are a few minor things that I need to get fixed but it’s 20+ years old and other than normal maintenance I haven’t had to do much to it (knock on wood)

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  3. If you were closer, I’d trade you mine!!

    If I could have anything I wanted, I would get a hawk or a gore. They both have a fiberglass roof which is great bc it keeps the trailer lighter AND cooler. They are both excellent brands that hold their value.

    I am a deal hunter, so I tend to end up with the older version sundowners which are cheap because there’s a known issue with the frame. I get them for a song because they need work, and I know someone who can do the frames. I’ve gotten a couple STUPID good deals that way.

    If you wanna talk more, email me. I just went through all this shit πŸ˜›

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  4. I do love Kingstons – they have a really nice two horse gooseneck that I have coveted for years.

    If I could truly write a blank check and get the trailer of my dreams, though, it would be an EquiSpirit. I read their book cover to cover when I was trailer shopping many years ago and learned SO much. They’ve put so much thought into every single tiny thing about the design. Here’s a 2H with dressing room: https://equispirit.com/products/2hdress.htm


    1. Depends. I am fine with buying new but am not against used IF it is in good shape……..when I bought my current one the reason I bought new was I got such a better deal on it new than if i had bought a used one. I paid 10,500 for my new Kingston. I was looking at used ones for 8-10k that were not in the best shape. So yeah I am open πŸ™‚


  5. My trainer has I think its an 05, SS20 RP Exiss. Only issue so far that I remember is the lighting inside doesn’t work because someone messed up the wiring but it’s done its job. Dressing room is nice. I think the newer ones are fancier but hers has done the job well.

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  6. My favorite trailer is my friend’s Kiefer Built trailer. Granted its a 2+1 gooseneck, so not what you need, but I’d definitely look into that brand if I were shopping. I’m also a fan of the Gore trailers that I have seen.

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  7. I grew up with a 3h slant gooseneck Sundowner so… not at all what you’re looking for, but we haven’t had a problem with it and love it. It’s been all over and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Sundowner.

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  8. I had great luck with my Sundowner. I had the old steel frame version which were known to rot, but mine stayed sound all the years I had it. My new trailer is a Four Star, and I love it very much! But seeing as I’ve hauled with it all of once, I can’t really tell you much about longevity or… well… anything really. It’s pretty?

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  9. If you can find a used Eclipse (the company is no longer in existence) their trailers will meet your requirements, since your wishlist is my trailer. It’s aluminum too, and hauls beautifully behind my 1500. It’s what I used to haul across country in May/June 2019.

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    1. hahahhah I know. The reason I want warmblood size again is just so my friends’ horses fit in there (Just like Charlie did :)) HA! I like yours a lot too I remember when we both got ours πŸ˜‰


  10. I’ve only ever owned my current trailer, which is a 2H straightload 2007 Hawk. I absolutely love mine and plan on owning it until it falls apart. It’s a steel frame instead of aluminum AND it has rumber floors which I will never not have forever and ever. Literally zero maintenance.

    I’ll spend your money if you need me to!

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    1. hahaha all of you can spend my money like there is no tomorrow πŸ™‚ HA HA HA even one handed bet you could spend some money for me! I have heard good things about Hawks so thanks!! πŸ™‚


  11. I have a Hawk 2 horse Warmblood size straight load with dressing room.. so exactly what you’re looking for! I love our trailer…compared to other brands I found the Hawks came with everything I needed off the lot (whereas some of the other brands required add ons to get to the same specs). I often trailer my mare by myself and the trailer is easy to hook up, load up and unhook unassisted.

    The one thing I would say is that their Warmblood size is super generous! My 16.2 mare has a lot of room in front, behind and either side when she’s loaded (whereas I doubt she would have fit on my friends Warmblood trailer)… so regular size would have worked for us too.

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    1. Yes I don’t NEED a warmblood sized trailer (except for my friends’ horses). Remus is wide but 15 hands on a good day πŸ™‚ thank you for the info! Hawks are really nice!


  12. I have a 4 Star 2+1, so not the same model you’d be going for.. but have to say that the quality is wonderful. I haul frequently, have made a few longer trips. It is very open/airy and I have no fear it will last me for a very long time.

    Prior to that, I had a Trail-et which is now pretty comparable to Hawk.

    I have not heard great things from other shippers or friends that have been searching on Kiefer for longevity (though that could be personal opinion, she was just told to avoid them by her shipping friends and was disappointed because a lot of the used ones she was finding in her price range were Kiefer) and was also told to avoid brands like Trailers USA.

    When I was shopping, I was looking at 4 Star, Sundowner (newer models only.. I heard they had a few years of questionable design in early 2000’s), Hawk primarily.

    I do have a friend that ordered a trailer from Twister and is very happy with it and hauls all over the country, but she hasn’t had it long enough to really form an opinion. They just happened to be the one that would do the custom load configuration she wanted.

    Not much help, but hopefully it is a little more info for the toolbox when shopping!

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