It Got Cold (and Then Warm) and Then Cold Again (+ Schnauzer Sunday!)

UGH…critters. The dogs were going crazy in the window and this is why. Aren’t you nocturnal, you creepy animal? (Literally standing over him taking this photo)

The weather is a boomerang this year. Jeez. We were colder on Friday when I had my lesson (though it got to the 40s by the time I rode, low 40s that is). But yesterday was 68 degrees and (pouring) rain then sun in the afternoon. Then this morning, it was 29 degrees. Tonight is low of 19 and tomorow is high in the low 30s. BRGHHH the wind is cold too! Good news the mud is frozen, bad news it is COLD.

Crazy weather. Nuts. Remus was luckily blanketed the other day because he was DISGUSTING everywhere the blanket wasn’t. Even in his ears! Gross! He had a quick brush off and actually came up cleaner than I thought he would. (Still has dapples for days though)! That last photo on the right is when I took his blanket off. NOT IMPRESSED.

I had a lesson on Friday with a new substitute instructor who happened to be Tate’s mom! So it was old home week while she finally got to see Remus go under saddle (and I got to hear yet again how someone thinks he is the cutest ever ha) and I found out how well Tate is doing. It was a fun lesson but two days later I am STILL SORE. OMG. My abs and legs. Are killing me! HA

That mane needs help!

What we did was a LOT of trot work over a lot of trot poles (both flat and raised). And Remus was a super star over most of them. Like very engaged and in rhythm. What a good boy. We then cantered and omg so much cantering but again. WHAT A GOOD BUCKSKIN. At one point I went to move him around a jump to the rail with my legs and he swapped leads (okay only on the front) so I had to trot and get him back right but the fact he is getting so much fitter and able to even try that kind of shit is amazing! πŸ™‚

Image result for wait five minutes gif

We then went over a few very small crossrails but worked on trotting in and cantering out and then added a small course. Again what a great boy and he sailed over them all. It was a fun lesson but I was out of breathe several times. We were on our own so I haven’t had a private in a while and boy I was tired after we were done!!

Related image

I had to quickly brush him and reblanket him where he got to go bury himself in his hay bale out in the paddock again. Then I had to rush back home to do some work for my actual work. This week is a bit insane as Mark leaves Wednesday for the UK and I have like three full days of meetings so hope I can get another lesson in this week (between meetings, more rain, and cold we will see)!

Image result for we will see gif

Meanwhile, onto dogs and cat photos. Always a fun part of my blog postings I know!

Bernie watching for Mr. Armadillo!
these two πŸ™‚
Regal (she thinks)

Ollie wanted lap time and Bernie wouldn’t move. Poor Ollie!

Again, these two crack me up!
Schnauzer has two coats on today (Gretch says it is COLD out there guys!)

Happy weekend to all. Are you off tomorrow? I am but probably will work some to catch up. It is going to be a bit chilly tomorrow for the barn (did I tell you how COLD that barn is indoors? BRGHH) but I probably will stop by to check on Remus today and tomorow. Stay warm (or cool depending on where you live)!! I see you, work week, you are coming but NOT YET! πŸ™‚

Image result for i see you gif

12 thoughts on “It Got Cold (and Then Warm) and Then Cold Again (+ Schnauzer Sunday!)

    1. I think he is definitely fitter. And they crack me up cause they keep saying how fat he is and I am like he is not fat now! I mean he is always going to be rotund but he is definitely slimming up a bit!! Bernie is rotten to the core πŸ™‚


  1. Yay for a great lesson! And nice to hear that Tate is doing well.
    The weather is all over the place here too! Last weekend was in the mid 60’s, we got snow this Saturday, and today the high is 21. Ugh!
    I’ve never seen an armadillo in real life! I had no idea they lived in TN. I thought they only lived out west!


    1. yes we have TONS of them here. I dont mind except this one is ballsy and digging in our mulch in the middle of the day. GRHHH….Ollie and Bernie are determined to catch one! We have pretty much every animal here it is kind of crazy….Yeah its 23 today and very very bitter which is insane for SOUTH TENNESSEE..ugh….

      I miss Tate. πŸ™‚


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