Mark is UK Bound, So Empty House (Besides Dogs and Cat)

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Legitimately Mark packing this week….

Getting Mark packed and off to the airport is a lot like packing for a toddler (Or Mr. Bean). Finally got him dropped off at the airport where he flies to Orlando on Southwest then goes onto Virgin to fly across the pond to Gatwick. Fingers crossed all his connections work today and next week coming back… stressful!

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Trying to talk to Mark about his packing LOL Essentially what he does.

Otherwise work is killing me and I am trying to schedule a lesson this week. I haven’t seen Remus since Saturday but hope to get there tomorrow or Friday and then the weekend! (THOUGH they are calling for rain again smh). The weather is warming up some though 40s and rain is NOT warm but sure beats frigid as F as we have had it the last week. BRGHH

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Take a look at this cardinal today that Bernie and Ollie could NOT figure out how to access! These dogs 😉  Ollie’s eyes crack me up as he says MOM LET US OUT SO WE CAN EAT THIS BIRD!


Bernie is just saying GET INTO MY BELLY, BIRD

SO funny. Also I got DNA results back for Bernie and Ollie’s should be in this week. Stay tuned for a full report!! So exciting! 🙂  I bought two different kits so plan to do a comparison of each as well.

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6 thoughts on “Mark is UK Bound, So Empty House (Besides Dogs and Cat)

  1. Winter is the worst. Hope you get to ride soon!
    Can’t wait to hear about the doggos! I did one for Artie and he came back as Pug and Corgi. Which is what I thought anyway, so wasn’t all that exciting. My friend just did one on her rescue “lab mix” and it turned out to have 0% lab. Ha!

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