Quick Lesson (and Remus) Update

Should have done this as a tongue out Tuesday (ears back evil Remus for sure….) hahaha 

I know I need to write my pups’ DNA post but my head is pounding today (Tennessee is the sun ever coming out again, the gloom is getting to me. UGH). So for now you get a quick update on the bestest buckskin! We had a lesson Friday and it was cold and chilly and I wasn’t thrilled about riding. And Remus was even less thrilled about me removing his blanket to tack him up! See above as an indication!


Not impressed, tongue still out too. Isn’t Hooper adorable (the chestnut)?

He is really getting fitter and while still puffy and wide his girth is up a lot farther on both sides. My instructor said to let me know when I want to increase his food. I told her he can have hay as much as he wants (simple grass hay) and we will keep an eye on him.

More hay please he says!

He isn’t skinny by any means but I do want to make sure he is maintaining and the weather has been such a shit show lately (see the big open windows it gets COLD in that barn) I want to be sure he has food going in. He has a big round bale when he is out during the day but the weather has been bad enough he hasn’t been out every day. They can feed alfalfa as well if I want. I have been taking him beet pulp mash when I go to give him as a treat. Again. NOT SKINNY but we don’t want him ending up that way, right?

Image result for so good gif
Me too Remus every time lately!

Onto the lesson! Remus was a star again. The ring was gross and muddy and water everywhere (that ring drains so fast but it has to actually STOP RAINING for a bit, it still is some of the best footing, Remus just isn’t a fan of splashing through water). He was just so forward (FOR REMUS) and a delight to trot and canter. We popped over some poles again then did a few mini courses….with poles and crossrails mixed in. Take home: I need to stop doubting myself and ride the horse. Horse is moving forward with my leg. I am riding him with my seat and leg almost completely on the flat then I get going to a jump and panic. UGH. Work in progress. I told PD (instructor, let’s give her initials) that I am so pleased to have him there and she was so glad to be told that. I have had a lesson every week since before Xmas soooo this has to be a MIRACLE to be sure! He was so good and I find I can canter so much longer now that we are both stronger and he is moving so well. I still do not touch his mouth, with a little loop in the reins and he is going around in a cute little hunter frame which is hilarious honestly! I have to get someone out to do some media one day so you all can see him. SO cute. 🙂 Even if I am biased!

Image result for a miracle gif

I really am so happy I found this barn. For a boarding barn (and let’s admit we have all found less than stellar ones of those) they are damn good. My horse has his sheet or blanket on when he needs them. He has clean stall, clean water, a paddock to go out in if not too wet, if it is too wet and he is left up for an extended period, and I don’t get by they get him out to walk him some to loosen him up.  And with my fields and barn area being a current muddy pit, it helps not having to worry about him up to his knees in mud. His feet have never looked better with their farrier having done him twice now. Everyone seems to love him there, too.

Yesterday I went to the barn and the Memphis Equestrian Team was there tacking up for their lesson. And Remus was in the cross ties being tacked up so he was in the lesson. HA. I was glad because I had planned to clean and oil my saddle finally now that I have a real tack room and I knew this way I didn’t have to ride. It was not too cold but damp and gross with spitting rain so they were welcome to ride! They had all sorts to ride there from a 18 hand cross to two buckskins in the ring (I think the other buckskin is shorter than Remus and no way as wide). That other buckskin was a total shit so Remus shone (in fact I noticed the other one acting up from the barn and thought it was Remus at first! No worries it wasn’t). The only issue was no one can get Remus as forward as I have gotten him to go. Even PD mentioned he is so much more forward with me and if she can get it through to the older girls or adults who ride him (Small kids, their legs dont go down far enough to impact Remus) it would help a lot.

No other media, so take this. 🙂 Geese are back once in a while….they come every couple weeks or so….

This lesson they did what they do at the collegiate shows. They swapped horses. Several times. So that was fun to watch. I can’t imagine riding Remus (or the other buckskin) and then swapping to the 18 hand horse. But all the girls were really nice (I know a few of them but met more yesterday) and they all complimented my fat buckskin.  They didn’t even get to jumping as it was the first lesson of the year for them but it was a big group of people riding so was neat to watch.

I did manage to clean and oil my saddle while chatting with other people there so that was fun talking to everyone about all our horse-caused injuries while slathering oil on my saddle. I really should have taken a before and after of my saddle. It now looks like a brand new Zaria Optimum.My poor saddle, she was thirsty! I will have to give her a drink more often (of oil)!!

Image result for thirsty gif
My saddle with the oil

Mark comes back Wednesday so this time away has gone fast for me (maybe not for him so much)! UGH and now it is Monday. Not ready to go back to work. AND NO SUN AGAIN TODAY, COME ON TENNESSEE. If this keeps up I might have to get one of those sun lights to treat my winter depression. ICK. Happy Monday to all anyway! Anyone else dreading their work week? No just me??

Image result for ick gif
Me to work this week. ICK

8 thoughts on “Quick Lesson (and Remus) Update

  1. I’m so glad boarding for the winter has worked out so well for you and Remus! Sounds like he’s going great, and come spring, you’ll be so ready to get out and do fun things. Hope the weather clears up for you soon!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Shiny is doing great! She’s going to start turning out this week, and I think back to riding this weekend.
        Believe it or not, that is right in the back of the property where he lives! The place is so nice, there are actual trails too, but we haven’t gone exploring yet. I want to go with a buddy… and maybe after he’s been ridden outdoors a few times.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Emma is my inspiration (that and your saddle) I havent done my saddle that good in a LONG TIME so when i saw yours 🙂 HA HA HA for some reason she wouldnt do mine like she did yours 😉 He is a good boy 🙂 Sometimes. Most of the time. Kind of


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