DinoDNA: Results Are In and Neither of My Dogs Are Hellhounds or Raptors!

For Ollie https://embarkvet.com/
For Bernie  https://www.wisdompanel.com/ 

So I bought my two mutts (AKA Ollie and Bernie ha) DNA kits for Christmas. YES they would have rather gotten more toys or bones but too bad so sad this is what they got (They have plenty of toys and bones so do not feel sorry for them!!)

Skeptical side eye from Bernie 🙂

Note: I decided to buy one of each to see which one was quicker, better, or easiest to use. I got the Embark which I chose to use for Ollie and the Wisdom I chose for Bernie. Both came with the health screening as well. Shop around there are always discounts etc. do not pay full price, I did not!

Disclaimer: I received no benefits from either of these companies I just wanted to share my experiences to help others know which kit to choose!!

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DINODNA 🙂 Indulge me!

Embark vs. Wisdom: Ease of use in getting samples

Perfect (for once!) and not a raptor or a hellhound…

Both kits arrived promptly after ordering and even though I ordered right before Christmas I got them both before Christmas. The kits were pretty easy though one was definitely a tiny bit harder than the other. Luckily we chose Embark for Ollie as he was a shit for getting the samples. You have to not give your dog a treat or anything before doing it for at least an hour or two to get a clean sample. And you need to get quite a big sample for the one sponge applicator they provide. Still Embark was easier than Wisdom. Luckily Bernie was good as gold. Ollie tried to snap the applicator sample thingy in half. And I had to pry his mouth open while Mark got the sample. Wisdom had several wands you had to get samples from then let dry then submit. Whew. You could not do this by yourself unless you have a perfect dog!!  Which I don’t!

Not perfect! Still think there is raptor in here but nope!

Winner: Embark just for ease of use both were not bad some of the directions were a bit obtuse but we are educated people (HA) and figured it out.

Embark vs. Wisdom: Time waiting and notifications

Image result for dinodna gif
Me to the results 🙂 FASTER FASTER (With less dire end results Ha)

Both of the kits were sent out the same day via USPS. Embark was very communicative through the process as in telling me it was on its way and when it arrived as well as info throughout the process. Wisdom sent me one notification. When it arrived. Otherwise I had to log in to see the process.  But how funny that it was Wisdom with the quickest turnaround time (They say 6-8 weeks I got my results from both in less than 4 weeks so good kudos to both companies).  I would have to say this is a tie.


Winner: TIE: Embark for excellent communication and Wisdom for quick results.

Embark vs. Wisdom: Website use

Image result for dinodna gif

Logging into each was pretty easy. Wisdom’s website may not be as on point as Embark’s but they both give you plenty of process (Though Embark really walked you through it all where Wisdom just said in process until the results were in).  Of course I just went into both to get screenshots and WordPress is not allowing me to upload them. Wisdom was perfectly fine as a website and the share button is a bit more useful than Embark. But Embark has a lot more shizzle on their website. I could also download Ollie’s PDF with all his results easily. This was a close one thought but Embark has the edge!

Winner: Embark for great website access and a lot of wham bam thank you ma’am info!

Embark vs. Wisdom: Health Results

Image result for dinodna gif

Both of the kits screened for a bunch of general health issues. Both Ollie and Bernie came back negative for all. Most of them are pretty obscure but I recognized a few. I kind of want to do a kit for Gretchen now since even though we know she is a schnauzer I think she may be predisposed to some of those things while my mixed breeds weren’t! Embark screened for 181 issues and Wisdom screened for 159 issues. I don’t think there is a clear winner, both kits gave me a ton of info on the screenings.


Clear – 159

Congratulations! Bernie inherited zero copies of these disease mutations. Be sure to use our share feature to let your veterinarian know about Bernie’s results. For some of the conditions there may still be undiscovered mutations and/or environmental factors that could lead to similar disease signs. These clear results will help narrow down a future diagnosis if Bernie ever gets sick.

See all clear results.



Ollie Summary


Winner: TIE: Embark did do more screening but not enough to make much of a difference. Wisdom also did a great job listing all of them just like Embark.



Wrap Up

Wow, this became a lot longer than I thought it would. So now I am going to wrap up and tell you in the next blog post what results I got. HA I am mean like that!! I have to stretch my content out!

Takeaways: Overall I think both are decent value (though not a whim purchase!) and decent kits. Embark maybe was a bit better but Wisdom was quicker. Embark may have edged out Wisdom overall but if you get a good deal on Wisdom I would go for it.

More in the next post on which one I recommend for breed results. I do think one was better than the other for that!! STAY TUNED! HAHAHAHA Evil laugh…

Image result for jurassic park gifs
What will Ollie be? What will Bernie be??

Any guesses on what my dogs are made up of breed wise?? 🙂

Image result for dino dna gif"

7 thoughts on “DinoDNA: Results Are In and Neither of My Dogs Are Hellhounds or Raptors!

  1. I feel like Bernie has to have some Shih Tzu in there… and schnauzer on both obviously, lol
    I basically do this for a living- breed label dogs, and I am never right. Which is why these kits can be so helpful!! Can’t wait to see the results

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oohh this is a really neat experiment. I’m glad you compared the two and shared so much data – even if I do have to wait to find out the results. You just taught me a ton!


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