Results of DNA Test Kits for Bernie & Ollie!

Drum roll….please….

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Ollie: Supermutt Extraordinaire!

Genetic Breed Result

Mixed Breed

19.6% Poodle (Small)
17.8% Cocker Spaniel
17.4% Chihuahua
15.4% Lhasa Apso
10.7% Bichon Frise
9.0% Shih Tzu
10.1% Supermutt 


What’s in that Supermutt? There may be small amounts of DNA from this distant ancestor:

Predicted Adult Weight

16 lbs

Embark guessed his coat color, his markings, and even his weight. The report also shares relatives or dogs that are closely related to him (okay not that closely)….there is a lot of extras (the report is 29 pages long). If anyone is that interested here is the link to the full report. Kudos to those who picked poodle and lhasa and shih tzu. I also thought bichon due to his puff hair at the top of his head. He is really a mix isn’t he?

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Ollie to all those dogs related to him 🙂

Drum roll yet again…..

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Bernie is part Basset Hound?? Really?


Exciting news, the results are in! Here’s what makes Bernie so unique. Using the data generated from Bernie’s DNA, our sophisticated computer algorithm performed over 17 million calculations! What you see here is Bernie’s ancestry by percentage.

Basset Hound 0.375 37.5% Basset Hound
Shih Tzu 0.25 25.0% Shih Tzu
Breed Group(s) 0.375 37.5% Breed Group(s) Terrier

Here is her whole report if you are interested! Enjoy!

So who do I recommend? I like Wisdom for the interactive infomation regarding Bernie herself (ears, color etc.) but I dont think the breed trait is as accurate as Embark. Also Embark allows uploading of your dogs photo and the ability to chat with other dog owners with dogs closely related and so on.  Embark has a lot of data gathering even after the results as well. Wisdom is fine but really not as robust as Embark. I don’t regret buying both kits though!

Again I think I am going to have to get a kit from Embark for Bernie in order to compare. Embark definitely got Ollie pretty correct I think (just shocked there is no King Charles or Spaniel but there is Cocker soooo)….I am still tempted on buying one for Gretchen as well. I may be a tiny bit obsessed with my dogs. Ha! I think Embark wins overall but Wisdom wasn’t horrible at all.  So just pick the one that costs the least! Unless you are crazy like me!Image result for which would you choose gif"

I recommend doing this if you have a mixed breed you aren’t sure what it is. Or if you just want to get all geeky about your dogs no matter the breeds. Either works!!

I have a lesson  with Remus tomorrow afternoon and then I am heading up to VA to see my dad on Friday. So not much horsey time after tomorrow! 😦 So sad. Though I think we have rain for the next 30 days or some such shit…so maybe not so sad!! Happy upcoming weekend to all! See you all when I return though I may get a quick blog post here and there in the next week. Have fun, behave and don’t call me for bail money (Emily this is for you especially hahahahha)

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No shit Tennessee. Stop now. Please..ugh

12 thoughts on “Results of DNA Test Kits for Bernie & Ollie!

  1. OMG Bernie’s ears make so much sense now! I remember looking at her face when you first got her scratching my head like “why do her ears look odd on her face…” and now I know why! Basset hound ears with a terrier face lol! These are super cool, and I’d totally do one for Choco if I didn’t know she is 100% dachshund LOL Not much fun in that haha! But thank you for the comparison of the kits! They’re definitely really informative (because I’m a genetics fanatic I’m pretty sold on Embark’s plethora of breed information more than the other lol) and definitely a great tool for knowledge’s sake.

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