MishMash Post: Something Good, Something Bad, A Bit of Both

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Kind of my life right now

It is cold and rainy. Again. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. UGH.  I am so tired of this danged cold and rain. Anyway…..

The Good:




Who else still has their Presto Warrier stickers/? 🙂

We washed my trailer this past weekend as I mentioned. It was a quick wash so it isn’t as clean as  I want it and I need to bring a ladder out next time so we can reach the top but definitely got alot of the green gunk off from sitting near woods for the last year or more. UGH. I want to put it for sale soon so wanted to start getting it cleaned up. I am dreading posting it but need to post it so I can move on and look for a trailer with a dressing room. But it came up so clean I was like wow….it is so pretty! HA





Amazing right?? Thanks to this stuff Cob Jockey was the one to turn me onto, the job was a breeze. I one hundred percent recommend this stuff! (I think it was Cob Jockey if I was wrong tell me ;))

SO AMAZING How this works….
MUCH better not green any longer 🙂 HA HA And this is on a gross winter day……imagine if the SUN was out….

So my trailer has been started on its quest to go up on the market. Anyone interested, give me a shout I will let someone who follows me have it for a much better price than someone I don’t know. It is a 2015 2 horse Kingston straight load with warmblood specs (extra wide, extra tall). No dressing room (of course) and weighs about 2300 lbs empty! Pulls great. I am still wondering about getting a box built in the front instead of selling…just for my saddle and stuff….ohhhhh decisions..ha

The Bad

This is a dry day for our paddocks you can’t really see the mud out there but it is there…but this was on Sunday by now it is under water..ugh

Not really bad but bad enough. This weather. Is getting to me. We did have a lovely Sunday with warm temps and that orange thing in the sky, what is it called?? OH YEAH the sun.

Image result for Bright light gif
us on Sunday not sure what the brightness was LOL

But hmmph…no more. It is cold in the 30s and wet and muddy and gray and just gross. The water table is so high that the yard squishes and I even lost a shoe putting bird food in the feeder in the front yard. UGH. I know I know it will be hellfire hot soon enough but dang dry and cold would be so much better than wet and cold. Just chills your bones. I am so glad Remus is at the boarding barn instead up to his knees in mud. Though they have a lot of mud as well. ICK

That sky is pretty amazing though  look how filthy the buckskin was though. GROSS

I know a lot of you have the same issue this winter so I am just having a collective whine on this. UGH…..just miserable.

Bit of Both

Our lesson was rescheduled on Sunday (right as I was driving there) so I set it for this coming Friday (when there won’t be rain but it is going to be high 30s that day. UGH I am going to freeze to death).  But I went on and drove out to see Remus. Good thing since he was a disgusting mess (look at photo above)! He loves his mud and it was warm out so he was naked. Not good. Gross horse even had mud in his ears. After brushing him and almost dying in the dust bowl coming off of him, I then tacked him up and just hopped on him. I realized my knees were killing me from the drive and I could barely post at first. I just let the reins loop and we did some trotting and cantering but really just toodled along. It was very warm that day and Remus has a lot of hair so neither of us were ambitious. It was a perfectly fine hack around the ring.

Some of the barn women were going crazy with the daffodils coming up already. So there was a flower thing going on where all the horses had them in the browbands. I said no at first (I really thought Remus would try to eat them or shy at them).

Image result for just gotta say wtf gif

Then someone else came out and started putting them into Remus’s browband and I just shrugged and let them do it 🙂 …Remus didn’t care at all. Okay he is cute as shit with them on I admit! 🙂

How Remus felt about it….I think he may have been napping actually.

The bit of bad that almost happened was when someone started bouncing the big ball of dread (TM Henry and Amanda and Presto) in the field for Smooch (who while 6 or 7 years old, he has the mental attitude of Presto at almost 3!). Remus stopped dead and thought of spinning and taking off. Luckily it was too hot for that shit so he stopped looking and just kept on toodling. It was nice just messing with him and I SHOULD have started pulling that mess of a mane but nawwww another day for that…..anyway I lived. I quickly brushed Remus off and headed home. It was a nice day and a warm day and yeah probably the last one for awhile…..I enjoyed it a bunch!

Image result for good day gif
US enjoying the sunshine and warmth for a day!



18 thoughts on “MishMash Post: Something Good, Something Bad, A Bit of Both

  1. Good luck with the trailer sale! If I hear anyone looking, I’ll send them your way.
    The weather is the same up here! Been raining for days! But I’m just glad it’s not ice and snow. Waiting impatiently for spring though. Hopefully it’s a little drier than winter!
    Glad you had a nice ride on Sunday, despite the death ball nearby.

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    1. Thanks….and death ball indeed 🙂 I know most people want dressing rooms but my trailer is great to pull with a smaller truck and so airy and light no horse has refused to load into it. I love it…….i know it is good not ice or snow but dry would be nice. just for a couple days 😉 Our pond is overflowing again! stay dry!!


    1. OMG 75?? it was 72 here on Sunday and i am freezing right now at 38 (okay it is not freezing BUT I AM HAHAHA). It is a mess and i agree with you right now I almost wish it would freeze up so the ground would harden up. Stay dry or try to!! UGH thanks


  2. This weather is for sure the absolute worst. I feel like the entire country is wet & cold this week and it STINKS. I feel bad for my mom (Rio’s latest caretaker) who is having to change his sheets and blankets constantly to rotate them for dry ones since he is on 24/7 pasture these days. I’m glad I’m not trudging around in the cold and wet but I sure do feel guilty!

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