Spring/Winter/Spring…and Repeat

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Me on Friday…

So wait five minutes and the weather will change. Pretty much the norm around here lately. My lesson was cancelled on Friday. Why you ask? Because it was a high of 21 with a single digit wind chill. Umm….I was determined to not cancel if they didn’t and had more clothes on than Joey in that episode of Friends as I was driving to the barn and got the text about it being cancelled. I grinned with joy at the cancelled text and just went to the barn to check on Remus and put his liner on (he had his sheet on but it was COLD) and shoved him full of cookies. Perfect day in Remus’s book. My hands were like icicles when I jumped back in the truck on Friday.

Remus was like too hot go home come back another day (that mane is still not fixed ugh)

Then it was high 50s on Saturday and my lesson had been rescheduled for Sunday where it was. Wait for it. Pushing 60s and HOT out. It was so odd. My horse has a full coat still because every time I ride I think about doing a trace clip but then it drops again and I say ugh…..so I don’t. So weather you are drunk. Go home. I don’t mind the warmer temps (well except if we don’t get some sustained cold the bugs are going to be HORRIBLE this summer in TN) but it keeps dipping back down as well. If he was in my backyard I wouldn’t mind clipping him since I would control his blankets but if he was in my backyard I wouldn’t be riding as much (if at all)…so Catch 22 all the way around!! HA

Image result for three ring circus gif
Totally the ring at one point in the beginning!

Remus was lazy af with the hotter weather, but listening well at least. It was a bit of a three-ring circus in there at first, as there were two horses finishing up a lesson, I had four (including me) in my lesson, and a few other horses were in the ring. So it was a bit of a cluster for a few minutes until the instructor had us start warming up and finished up the other lesson.

Remus was pretty dull at first as we trotted and cantered around on a loop rein (he was already warm just standing in the ring). But he was being very sensitive to canter which is a first. We barely got one stride each time before he was into the canter. His canter is coming along so well! Once we warmed up she started us over poles and a few cross rails. I had a tendency to pinch with my knees as we came up to them which is just stupid on my part. Once she talked me through that I relaxed a bit more (POLES and CROSS RAILS COME ON not that big a deal, brain).

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Me to myself most rides

We then went to a mini course which still had a lot of cross rails but we had a couple roll backs involved. We all had our demons to conquer on this. It is so funny how four different people with four different horses really boils down to similar things shouted at them: hands up, legs relaxed, and don’t throw yourself forward. HA We laughed a lot. A LOT. Because we all effed up in one way or another. We had a course mostly of cross rails and one gate. AND WHICH ONE DID I EFF UP?? YES THE DREADED GATE. @$^$ I want to hit myself in the head when I do that stuff. But over all Remus was great. Though the sun went in at the end on my last course and the wind blew up and all of a sudden Remus was flying around the ring (for him, guys indulge me we know he was not going THAT fast). I literally had to sit up and make him listen to me before he took a flyer over all the fences. Hahahah he was like wheeeeeeeeeeee Remus goes jumpies!! Idiot. Then he was exhausted. The others tried one more jump each and I was like ehhhh we are done.

Image result for same old mess gif
Not even sure if it is okay from far away even 

Oh yeah we did do an exercise in the beginning where she told us all what to do (all on a circle in the ring at one end) and we had to do it immediately and of course I was all stressed and being my usual nervous self and Remus was PERFECT. Like halt, bam, trot, bam, canter, bam. It was fun!! Who is this horse? I know I am still the same old mess!! No worries on that right? I kept shoving my feet forward to halt. And got called on it. ARGHH! I know better than that!

Image result for same old song and dance gif

And now the weather is going to be warm this week the first part (with you guessed it more rain) then going to drop again and even a chance of snow on Thursday and cold through the weekend. Fun fun fun! Can’t wait. Not.

Image result for rollerocaster gif
Pretty much a weather rollercoaster….all the time!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend though I am sure some of you have it even colder than we did!! BRGHH….stay warm (or cool or dry or whatever) this week! 🙂

How cute is Ombre there? His owner calls him a pasture accident but he is so cute (He is a pinto/appy cross best we can tell). I love him 🙂

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