Weekend Getaway et al…

Ollie train….this was at the kennel this weekend while we were away 🙂

Long time no post. It has been busy here (and rainy per normal, but I digress). Mark and I decided to get away this weekend and went to Oxford, MS to check out the cute town square (OKAY I decided and he had no choice but to go along!) We only went one night (boarded the dogs) but it was a fun quick trip and we will be back there for sure. Trying to get Mark away even for one night is a huge undertaking but we did it! YAY. And the weather held off so we weren’t freezing nor soaked while exploring!

I did get a ride in on Friday before going away on Saturday! 

How bad is Mark about going away? So bad his parents simply assumed we were lying about going away and he was either A) Going into the hospital or B) Applying for a new job (on a Sunday no less). Umm nope. Just a quick trip down the road a bit over an hour and we were there. It was a really cute town with lots of restuarants and a great bookstore that took up about a city block. My kind of town.

I dropped the dogs off Saturday midday and then we were off. Mark is like a toddler off his Ritalin for traveling but he behaved well for the drive. 🙂

one wall at the bookstore…..

Once there we checked in our hotel then drove down to the square to park and mosey around. The bookstore had walls full of photos of people who had visited and just books and books and more books. I could have stayed there for hours but we were starving!! We ate a early dinner at a bar where the food was surprisingly excellent and we were back in our hotel by 7. Yeah we are a wild pair. But we had explored town quite a bit since we had gotten in so early soooo we were both exhausted by then. Enjoy random photos of pups….

The next day was gloomy and chance of rain so except for getting a wonderful coffee at one of the local coffee shops we didn’t explore much more. But we put this place on our  map for places to take his parents when they are here. Very cute, people are all nice, and even though a college town (and there was a basketball game that night in fact) not so busy you couldn’t get around. I would stay away football game weekends but otherwise we will be back! We got back in plenty of time to spring the dogs from the kennel and then sat down to rest up. The dogs were probably more tired than us but all in all a good weekend. Score one for us to actually leave and go away. Maybe next time we will do two nights (Ha).

Everyone was glad we were back home (Gretchen to the left of this photo snoring) hahaha

Remus was great for his lesson on Friday but it was so long ago I forgot what we did. I have another lesson later this week (Since weather is up and down and I am so busy at work I went ahead and set it for Sunday to be safe). Hope everyone had a fun-filled weekend!!

Ok I need a hair cut so badly but hey photo of me. this happens rarely 🙂
That sky!! 

I am glad we got out and explored at least one small part of the surrounding area around where we lived. Stranger things can happen once in a while! 🙂 Scary I know.

Image result for stranger things gif

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