Washing Hands While Trying to Stay Sane

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Hands washed again, time to write this blog post.  I am in a mood, guys. I mean I have still got my health which is good in this day and age. My allergies are actually better today (who knew if you take your allergy meds regularly it helps)! My husband has his job (even though he has to physically go in for it, yeah). We have no kids except for three dogs, one cat, a horse, and about 40 molly fish.  My dad and sister are holed up in VA going crazy but healthy. Both of them are high risks as well.  And I worry.

So I am in a fluster. This sickness is scary. I am staying home except if I go to the barn (and there were three people there (none together) when I stopped by to give treats). Remus may never go out again though if this effing rain doesn’t go away soon, Tennessee. But I am trying to lay low and not risk anything. Still need to get groceries which I still online order but today’s order we got half substitutions and half out of stock. No bread. No eggs. Did get milk.  They had to substitute a frozen pizza for god sakes. Who is stockpiling that? Stop it now.

Not worrying these two no way no how!

My work has cut our hours. They say it is in response to the pandemic but let’s call a spade a spade, we have been in financial difficulties for years now. This is giving them another excuse to find money somewhere. Fine. I will log on my time and log off my time. I will not work a second longer (I often worked 9-10 hour days each day and never got paid overtime but I was paid my salary). 20 percent cut may  not affect me that much thanks to my lovely husband BUT I have coworkers there that may have to choose from food for their kids or paying their car payments or electric bills.

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how I think about our work right now….

Not cool at all. Not to mention that some of us handle more and more work due to  people leaving and them not hiring to replace them. Well played, work. If they wanted to cut productivity and bring people’s work ethics to a screeching halt they did that in the middle of a crisis across the country.  We can all work from home, we still have product to work on. Anyway. Moving on.

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nor this one

Mark’s business will not close. So I am worried daily my husband is going to get sick or bring it home to me. I am withdrawing on myself some and find myself with tense muscles and shortness of breath until I realize I am HOLDING MY BREATH (don’t do this).

I really need to learn to relax like my pets!

One slight bit of good news is I sold my trailer this week. Wasn’t ready to do so but a guy wanted it and paid cash. The whole transaction took less then 15 minutes with no handshakes or contact and us with about eight feet between us. Kind of funny the way the world has changed. But he wanted it for his wife as a birthday present and I figured where I am hauling now? I have time to choose what I really want now but have to say that motivation is gone as well.  I am hoping it will come back.

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me to myself

We sure didn’t need that hit from work this week but I know so many others have it so worse than me. So I am trying not to bitch. But it is hard to not bitch. I am only me! Stay healthy and safe all!! See, I feel better already just writing this down!

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me again to myself….

16 thoughts on “Washing Hands While Trying to Stay Sane

  1. You’re lucky you even still have grocery delivery lol. Ours wasn’t available until a week out and then yesterday they just cut off service so it won’t be available for the foreseeable future. Which, I’m okay on food so I’m not too worried. I’m sorry that it’s been hard for you, tho! And yes, that is great you were able to sell your trailer! All this home time will allow you to browse lol!

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    1. yeah i gave up on online delivery. We did find TP yesterday so i can mail my dad some!! Walmart finally got smart and only let each customer buy one package so that helped a lot! Crazy world. The grocery stores here are pretty wiped out. But we have enough in freezer and fridge so we are fine. Dog food plenty, cat food too. It could totally be worse! 🙂 Be safe and hope all is well in your neck of the woods….my work just pissed me off this week and I let it get to me 🙂 Thank you for talking me off the ledge! Hugs from a virtual distance 😉

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      1. Awww hugs to you too from a virtual distance!! lolol I’m glad you’re able to ship stuff to your dad! Our stores have been limiting people, too. Even going so far as a store worker is in the aisle handing out 1 roll each to people and you just stand in a line, grab it, and go on your way. Personally, I appreciate that since it does lessen the panic. It’s pretty crazy and panicky in my neck of the woods, but I think we’ll be okay. And I’d be as pissed as you were at work if that was happening! Hopefully you’ll get to see Remus soon. Animals are always the best medicine!


  2. So sorry to hear you’re struggling so much. Things aren’t quite so bad here yet (one benefit of living on a giant island!). If you need to talk any time, email me! Same for anyone else, I’ll be available weird times too since I live in a whole other timezone!


    1. Thanks today is a better day. I have learned to not look at media so much and not watch news. I keep thinking we will get thru it then the shit hits the fan again. I get to see Remus today which will help. We have new guidelines at the barn so who knows how long I will get to see him for now so am going to enjoy today and tomorrow and worry about next week…well next week 🙂 Thank you for your calming words. All of you are the best!! 🙂


  3. As a business owner staring down hard decisions I will say that it is hard to pay people when you have no money to do so. No money coming in means none to go out. It sucks and it is hard but I can’t pay someone with nothing.

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    1. Yes i get it. I can understand. The issue with my work is the financial mismanagement for years. We are still moving ahead re conference late Fall. If they had canclled it I would totally understand. If they cut some of the higher up useless slugs that do no work sure…..but for them to cut our hours and still expect all the work to be done. nope. And the way they handled it was very bad. I feel for all small business owners and totally get the cuts and problems and issues they have in this crazy world. We have the money to survive in our work. The issue is they pay the leadership so much and the grunts like me get the shaft 🙂 I hope you and all your family are staying healthy and give all the critters hugs from me!!


  4. Ever since “the leg”, I’ve been keeping a list of things I’m grateful for… as a reminder when I’m feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Thinking of you and grateful for our friendship. Snuggle your pups for me

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    1. I know i sound so whiny now that I reread it. I am so happy for my blogger friends (and cant imagine the leg with all this going on!!). Stay safe and give Bowie a pat for me 🙂


      1. Not whiny at all – it’s this absurd new normal that we all have to live with. I have yet to find my coping mechanism. I’ll let you know when I get close

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      1. I’m feeling SO MUCH BETTER. I’m absolutely euphoric over being able to taste food again lol! It’s the small things. And yes, I’m so happy they’re home with me, too. Now, to do copious farm chores and build my XC course since I have so much spare time!

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  5. Haha I’ve been taking my allergy meds everyday too! Our neighborhood is going to see a huge exodus – lots of students here for the 3 univeristies are going home. Almost everyone in the service industries were laid off. We have an abnormal amount of restaurants and bars because we have a beach and with beaches come vacation houses, except no more tourists either. Luckily I work for a laboratory and my husband is a software developer with mobile games. Our jobs aren’t going anywhere but I feel soooooo bad for my neighbors.

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  6. This whole thing is really scary. I’m scared of catching it being asthmatic. And I’m scared for all my dr, nurse, and emt friends. And scared for so many people being laid off, or like you, having your hours cut. Scary times.
    But I do think we’ll get through it all. Hang in there!

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