Saturday Shopping: Why Not Treat Yourself and Buy a Book?

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We shop!

Since being stuck at home mostly and having nothing really horsey to read, a week or so ago, I decided to buy a couple books from  Trafalgar Square Books.

I have bought from them before and again this process was seamless. They were doing a sale when I bought these two books with percentages off, but now they are doing buy one book get another one free (April 2-15th). Check the link above out when you have five seconds and go buy a book (or ten). There is always time to read. What better thing to do when you are staying at home? And no, binging is not good 100 hours a day. Use your mind if you can a bit! I just wish I have felt good enough to read while staying home but yesterday I did pick it up and start it and so far it is funny but definitely in my wheelhouse (AKA Scared shitless once I arrive at a competition or whenever)!

You Can Now Buy A Duvet With Your Best Friend's Face On — Student ...

I chose (thanks to Amanda) Brain Training for Riders

Yes please
Just started but already am nodding my head along.

And I also chose this book  (KNOW YOU, Know Your Horse) since it seemed interesting. It may be too science’y for me (my brain doesnt do well with that kind of stuff, but we shall see! Yes, science’y is a word in my brain) hahahahah!

I haven’t started yet but will keep you posted, I glanced inside and was like ut oh…charts and shit 🙂 HA

I ordered them and had them less than a week later. Not too shabby at all.

Hope everyone is finding plenty to do at home (I could be cleaning but would rather read).  One thing I have to do today is finish donkey-proofing my paddock area for donkeys. But otherwise not a whole lot happening here. You guys need to stop shaming me with all your crafts, home improvements, and what nots. I am like this at home instead!Jabba devours a frog #2 by MgtowJabba on DeviantArt

Anyone else have some small businesses online to promote? And yes I almost posted this yesterday as I was SO SURE it was Saturday yesterday. Sigh. I need to start writing the days of the week on my hand so I know what day it is!

Happy Saturday all!


5 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping: Why Not Treat Yourself and Buy a Book?

  1. I love Trafalgar Square Books, but I didn’t know about the buy one-get one sale. Thanks for the tip! Hopefully you will like the Know You, Know Your Horse book. I don’t recall it being too technical, but rather filled with lots of anecdotal examples of how different people meshed with different horses and vice-versa. I thought the book was fun to read. I met both the authors back in the day and even showed my pony at an event that one of them judged. Good times!

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  2. I’ve been snatching up books since the library is closed (waaahhh!). One of my favourite small businesses that I’ve ordered from lately is Rock Paper Scissors stationery store in Michigan. They have the most hilarious cards and are offering free shipping!

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  3. Oohhh I got that Brain Training book on Kindle months ago, read a few pages, then forgot about it because a few releases came out I’d been waiting on. This is a good reminder to, y’know, finish reading it.


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