The Donkeys Have Landed

My heart….swoons

What helps break up staying at home all the time? Get three mini donkeys!! OMG I am obsessed with them already.

kenny mccormick airport GIF by South Park
Donkeys when they got here, zero shits given

I was a little worried leaving them out all night but they seemed to do fine and were all waiting for me this morning ! They are already getting tamer. They love treats but arent sure about people being too close to them. They lived in the guy’s back yard so I am sure they will come around soon. I want to get their feet done and also shots but don’t want to traumatize them so will wait till I can get my hands on them easily. Already the older two come up to me for treats. It won’t take long. Their feet are pretty bad so I definitely want to get them done sooner rather than later. They lead fine (or they did yesterday at the guy’s house) and lift their feet up as well (considering we practically lifted them in the trailer, that is how I know).Β  Also they do not seem to kick (again, you get into close contact with a donkey’s butt at a trailer and you find out really fast how much you can trust them)!


My biceps are KILLING me today from lifting three donkeys in the trailer. HA the baby Lola is the biggest and is a moose compared to the other two.

Lola is on the right you can see her curved hooves. Ginger on the left.Β 

They also seem to not mind dogs (So far anyway).

Bernie loves them (and yes I know not to let her loose around them at all)!
Pretty much everytime I walk out now they are waiting at the gate. πŸ™‚Β 

They don’t go into the stall yet except I saw Fred go in there once (and I want them to learn about stalls before I have the farrier out) and the bugs are already getting bad so hopefully they will learn stalls are good (they had stalls at the old place, just weren’t used that often). When I feed them (handful of grain each in three buckets) they go from bucket to bucket and eat together. Three peas in a pod!! So cute.

Top 30 Toy Story 3 GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat

SO what is your Monday like so far? Hope it includes something cute like these donkeys. If not I am glad to share them with you! πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “The Donkeys Have Landed

  1. I love them so much already. Did I tell you that when my gelding was in pasture, he had a mini donkey pasture mate named Blackjack? When we’d go visit him, Bryan would go give Blackjack a haircut and brush him out. Instant love, I have so many pictures of the two of them together lolol

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    1. not noisy at all….yet. Stay tuned πŸ™‚ Our neighbor has one down the street so I hear that one all the time. πŸ™‚ They are so cute. I have to get videos so you all can see them in motion. πŸ™‚


  2. LOVE that profile photo with all three looking off in the distance in the same direction! Put a big smile on my face. Congratulations to you AND the donkeys.


  3. Adorable!!! I have yet to meet a mini donkey with good feet. It must be a thing? Theirs actually don’t look too bad!
    Can’t wait to see more donkey media!!

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    1. they have some serious curve to their hooves. The guy who had them did him himself till he couldn’t and had a farrier out after that but they havent been done in while. OMG so much donkey media is coming πŸ™‚

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    1. I think that Fred is white (or gray)?? He has pink eyes and muzzle and umm man bits?? Hahhahahah these are all three supposeldy sicilian mini donkeys (the two dark ones have the crosses) I dont need more than these three πŸ™‚ HAH HA they are def fun!!


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