Donkeys Doing Donkey Stuff /Belated Earth Day Post

IMG_5477Would you like some chocolate topping on your white donkey? Why sure I would (aka it is just mud UGH, he stood out even though there were TWO stalls open for him, the girls you notice are relatively dry since they are definitely smarter than Fred).

and I thought Remus was piggy!! HA

It is week three of donkey ownership. And it is interesting to say the least and never ever boring. Let’s see, they can crawl under electric tape (Too bad I didn’t get the video of Fred on his knees crawling under it the other day, it was a hoot). They are still not catchable but come for treats if you rattle the treat container.

Eeyore GIF | Gfycat

All three do eat from my hand now even Lola. I can pet Ginger’s nose before giving her the treat but Lola is the grab and run model. One day I hope they will tame down.

Smelly GIFs | Tenor

They are pretty stinky too.  I had no idea my paddock was going to smell like a damn zoo. I am PDZ-ing the shit out of the place and it does help but phew they stink.  They are still pooping all over my stones too. I put three mats out and they do poop on them but also on the rest of the stones. They do like standing under the overhang and pooping all night long. I think I fixed the fence issue by making the tape lower but need to do the whole field, luckily I don’t think they want to go anywhere but back into the big field.

Not the field they were SUPPOSED TO BE IN (After crawling under the fence.)

They venture into the stall for hay and water and grain as needed. And they even do it now when I am in the barn but I can’t even breathe or they run out the door. They are still cute as the dickens but dang they are stinky. Fred still wants his butt scratched usually. He worries me as he is not as food oriented as the girls though he does love him some apples. He eats the hay I offer at night but really isnt into the grain (even though the photo above is of him eating grain, he quickly leaves and goes to stand outside again).

eeyore gifs Page 2 | WiffleGif
Fred to a T!

Fred is the typical EEYORE of the donkey world for sure. The other two squeal and kick and play and run. He will run with them if he has to but prefers not to do so. He is a pretty morose donkey compared to Lola and Ginger. So odd. I hope he feels okay and this is just a normal donkey attitude. I will get his teeth checked and him all over checked in the near future. Trying to wait for the world to come back on its axis a tiny bit. Sigh. But they all three love the big field.


Speaking of the world and its axis…no paper towels or Kleenex anywhere to be found in my area. Also people are still on the road a lot. Mark’s commute is no better even with the ‘stay at home’ order (Our Tennessee stay at home is a bit of a joke to be sure). Cases are still rising. And now they are talking about opening more stuff up (though to be fair I would love for restaurants and beauty salons to be allowed to open up slowly!! I need a haircut stat and I dont want any of the cute little restaurants I love to continue to have low or no revenue).  It is just scary.  And yesterday was Earth Day.

Earth Day 2017: Best Funny Memes & GIFs | | Page 3
Never going to not laugh at this.

Being Earth Day in a pandemic was interesting to say the least. I know a lot of clean up events and so on were cancelled. However, this site had a great chat going on about Earth Day yesterday and I read all the comments. I often call out this site but if you don’t follow you should. They are funny, clever writers that even in this lockdown world still manage to entertain. Sure it is a lot of fashion but this conversation yesterday for Earth Day was eye-opening as people attempt to be more sustainable. Which has now made me order more hand and dish towels so I can stop using so many paper products and just wash the towels. If you have time or are bored, give it a read! They also had another chat about what people were cooking in their lockdown and that was so interesting too. Just something to read to see how others are relating to you! Hope you enjoy!

Books That Help You Escape from Family This Holiday Season | The ...
PS always have backup material to read as I found out the other night when we lost our internet!! HA I had to pick up a book. 😉 (I did have my Kindle but it wasnt charged.

Regarding Earth’s creatures, I did finally catch a semi-closeup of a pileated woodpecker (we have dozens here, the woods are alive with the sounds of woodpeckers, ha but we dont see them so much now that the trees are filled back in) so got a couple photos as best I could. The wing span on these are amazing!! Sorry the photos are crap it was a dark day and my phone (iPhone 8) doesnt have the amazing camera the 10 and 11 do!

I love the wildlife around here and am so happy I live where I live. No people visible and my own boundaries from the world. Hope all is well in your world and everyone is doing as well as can be expected!! We are almost to the weekend (I think, who knows?).

Bernie is so READY for the weekend. 🙂

Oh and thanks to complaints that people couldn’t tell it was my blog due to the lack of purple I changed it back to purple (you are welcome Emily!) HA!

7 thoughts on “Donkeys Doing Donkey Stuff /Belated Earth Day Post

  1. Do donkeys smell bad in general or is it your three in particular? I haven’t really been around donkeys much. The first barn we boarded at here in SC had a donkey named Ghost that they had for over 10 years and he was untouchable. Never got close enough to see if he smelled.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah we had a donkey in Texas and I do not remember her stinking. These guys smell like a zoo. No otherway to explain it. I dont know if it is the jack (Gelded) or the two jennies. They pee a lot too. They are pigs 🙂 HA….but so dang cute!! 🙂


  2. oh man haha i was driving out to bartville harness the other day and almost drove off the road bc one little farmette had mini donks in the front yard and i just had to stop and stare lol. i love them so much ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha been there got the tshirt 😉 Done the same. There is a farm near where Remus is that has them. Also have been known to stop dead in the road at a QH Paint farm near my house as the babies are arriving. Good thing things are calmer on the roads hahahha…they are so cute these guys. They crack me up daily! I enjoy them!!


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