Another Week Flew By….For Different Reasons

No horsey photos mean you get kitten spam and a lot of it. Sorry not sorry!

Instead of horse stuff this was called heal thyself week. I came down on Monday with a wicked allergy that turned into a sinus infection that almost meant chest xrays when it detoured south. I took a sick day on Friday and my last sick day was about six or seven years ago when I had flu. So you know I was sick.

On Monday after the the clinic I woke up feeling lousy and coughing. I did a quick video chat with my doctor who having seen me a bit of a month ago for the same thing again confirmed it must be allergies/sinuses due to the symptoms (no fever, didn’t feel bad,  just coughing, sniffling, snorting, and hacking and generally phelgming out). She put me back on steroids and an antibiotic (which she had done in May) and I continued to suffer. She called me back on Thursday and put me on an inhaler and a cough syrup for nights. I still felt like crap all weekend and essentially laid around like a slug all weekend getting cute shots of kittens and that was about it.

Haven’t seen my horse in over a week. Didn’t lesson, didn’t care. Coughed all night long each night so didn’t sleep. FINALLY the antibiotic started kicking in over the weekend and as of this morning I feel more human and myself though I still have an inner ear issue going on and am still coughing stuff up. BUT so much better.  So  hopefully no chest xray is needed. And I will continue to improve…

Man Tennessee is ROUGH! IF I go outside I can feel the air quality affecting me. The inhaler has helped a bunch too. Crazy. So another week gone….sigh…with no real results to show.

Meanwhile I still have three kittens! The one home fell through and I can’t get ahold of the other person so who knows. UGH. But they have been enjoyable on my weekend of sleep and rest.  And they sure are cute as the dickens!

want one gifs | WiffleGif
Most people who want a kitten….

I know a lot of you had a lot more active weekends!! Fingers crossed I get back to it soon. Now to catch up on all your weekends that probably were a lot more interesting then mine! 🙂 Happy Monday (at least I am almost sure it is Monday, who knows!) Ha!

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Me this weekend…

8 thoughts on “Another Week Flew By….For Different Reasons

  1. Oh no, I’m so sorry you got sick! My mom had to go to the ER because she was wheezing – turns out it was walking pneumonia and they took a liter of fluid out of her right lung. I’m glad you’re feeling better!!

    And those kittens are so adorable!

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  2. I’ve found that I have to start allergy meds in the spring and then stay on them until pollen season is over. If I wait to take them until something (like moving hay) gets things all fired up, it’s too late and I end up with a sinus infection.

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