Hello There….Again…

proof I actually did ride my horse…

Yes I seem to be sticking to this one post a week stuff. UGH….2020 has been a bitch right? Like one thing after another. I am exhausted and really would like to sleep a week (or year).  But instead I better at least post something before you all forget about me!

speaking of sleeping LOL

I did manage a lesson last week with Remus and it went well. Remus was a good boy and we did some good jumps. Since I hadn’t ridden in a couple weeks we took it easy and I rode before it got too hot so all was good there!

Goose family: we lost Huey but Louie and Dewie are still around with mom and dad! 🙂 I keep waiting for mom and dad to teach them to fly! That will be fun!

Meanwhile, a lot of health issues are going on in my family. I won’t go on with more details but if 2020 could just STOP a bit I would be very relieved.IMG_6883

I myself am feeling so much better and really doing great finally (except when I cut grass on tractor then I hack like no one’s business). Allergies are still rampant here in TN!

How A Nebulizer For Allergies And Asthma Will Help - Aeroflow Healthcare

Onto other news, I have a saddle fitter coming to our barn this week and fingers crossed we find something that may work for us. PRETTY PLEASE??  I am so lucky two boarders at my current barn use Kate Wooten for their saddles and fittings so finally I get to try something different on Remus. I am pretty darn excited since I am like really missing having a saddle. This borrowing is fine but it is embarrassing too! HA

Newt says PLEASE stop borrowing saddles and just buy one…you know a judgy cat look when you see one right?
Jacob doing a saddle search for me…
Things are blooming at the farm for sure..

And more kitty photos to finish out this blog post….


How is your week going? I hope to ride this week as well as try saddles so fingers crossed all that comes out okay. Happy Tuesday (is it Tuesday? I think it is)!

13 thoughts on “Hello There….Again…

  1. I’m here for the pile of kittens. All the way.

    Sorry about your allergies though! UGH. I do not envy y’all who are susceptible to all of the plant sex by products.

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  2. I hope everything works out in your family, and I’m sorry for the tough times.
    But am glad you are feeling better! I hope the saddle fitting goes well and you can find something!
    The kittens are so big already!


  3. Sending good vibes for your family ❤ Sorry to hear things are especially hard right now. This year can go F right off 😦

    The kittens are adorable, though. I hope they are a bright spot for you in dark times.

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