Quick Update

Let’s see, Dad has been here for a couple weeks, Tina is back, Remus is good and I have had a lesson a week so have been riding at least some. Heading to take Dad back to Virginia tomorrow. I think this is most of what has happened since I last posted.

Still looking for a saddle (but have leads) so stay tuned.

Imagine my surprise when I drove by this farm that has donkeys near my barn and saw a baby donk. OMG be still my heart! HOW CUTE!??

Still looking for a trailer (ehh, will do that later this month maybe)!

Can we say Remus has quarantine hair too? Jeez its long! (My own hair is still not cut, just saying…)

Hope everyone is doing well. I am reading everyone’s blogs even if I am not posting much!!

I really think she is happy she is back home….

Enjoy the twin fawns we have on our pond lately. Yes this is the third family we have had here this summer. SO CUTE. Sorry for the blurry video! One of them was running around like crazy out there and I was trying to video it all….

Happy weekend to all (early)! I feel this kitten gif very much….I know some of you are showing this weekend. Be safe and kick ass. That is all šŸ™‚

weekend loading gifs | WiffleGif

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