Working (for) on the Weekend!

Selfies are not our strong suit…

Life goes on. I have applied for some jobs and gotten rejections. I drove Dad back up to VA and that was an experience in a pandemic. I did get to ride Remus the other day so that is good.

He is on day turnout now and is lighter than he has ever been but still gleaming!

And I am right now working on a Sunday night for my work. Sigh. No we don’t get paid overtime or anything like that. Yes we are a skeleton crew. I guess I just move forward till I find something else but I have been very depressed this last week (one job I really thought I had an in and nope, I was rejected) and just didnt feel like blogging. But I do like to blog. So here I am again.

Looking worried for some reason but I think he really is worried where cookies are and why they arent there yet in his mouth!

Lesson on Saturday went fine. We didn’t do a whole lot (easing back in) but I actually rode a new horse!! YES ME. (I think besides Henry, I haven’t ridden any other horses in like the last 5 years at least, I am still mad I didn’t get to ride May!). So the barn has a track pony in on spec. Billy, he is bigger than Remus but a total QH (aka something I will actually ride) He is a brillant red bay with no white (I need to get a photo of him oops). He has no idea yet what he needs to do bu the is willing and tries his heart out. He trots around with his head in your lap but he is so sweet and wants to please. I like him a lot. I even got him walking on the buckle and relaxing which is hard for him. It was fun to mess with him and the kid who was riding him totally wanted to get on Remus so we traded. Ha so that was fun. Do you like to ride other horses? Do you ever ride different horses? It was so funny to ride a horse that was forward (compared to Remus of course). I hope to ride him some more!!

Also September is looking to be a lot more busy with a couple things happening with me and Remus. Stay tuned….Happy Sunday all. Hope you had a fantastic weekend!!

After going thru the NC mountains (and a lot of rain in the mountains such fun!) I was stuck in road work and happened to look back and saw this rainbow. How cool…right?? Yes it took a while to get thru this hahah


13 thoughts on “Working (for) on the Weekend!

  1. Ugh, sorry for the work stress. It’s not fun. If only adulting didn’t require the work part…
    So fun to ride a new horse! I’m glad you got to do that!
    Remus looks great too!


  2. Sorry for the work stress. That is never fun. Yay for riding a different horse. I hadn’t in forever until Eeyore got hurt and then I started riding a variety and sorta liked it. Nothing beats that home feeling of your own horse though.

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  3. The work situation sounds like a lot of pain, but hopefully something great comes along!

    I don’t mind riding other people’s horses but I don’t live for it. I like knowing a horse really well and I can never get that feeling in the first ride

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  4. Ugh, so sorry about the work situation. That is definitely not one to stay at, but I’d be like you and want another one in the works before I quit.

    Remus is looking wonderful! Always such a handsome boy ❤ That's awesome you got to ride a different horse! You know me – most of my rides are on different horses now lol!


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