Safety, Safety, Safety…(Vests)

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Some of you are way too old to remember this video..others will have this earworm in the head the rest of the day. You are welcome

I have not bought a new vest. I talked it about a while ago and then I freaking moved to TENNESSEE where we barely even know what eventing is! HA.

I actually borrowed someone’s vest for the clinic the other month. Back of my mind, I was thinking….yeah might want to get that back on the list. And guess what? I signed up for an event. It is in little over 3 weeks or so? And… I have no saddle, no trailer, and no eventing vest. OOPS! Ut oh. I am working on the saddle and trailer right now. BUT…..anyway…

Remus and I are signed up for Intro Starter at Dunnebeck Horse Trails in September. We also have a clinic later in September, same instructor as before. Things are happening. YAY.

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me to myself

Back to the vests! I need one. Here lies my issue. I am a fat girl. I am wide as I am tall.ย  I am not skinny. Skinny passed me about forty years ago. The only one that fit me okay are the Tipperarys and even the Large is a stretch (big boobs are a pain in the butt just saying, the rest of me doesn’t help). And even with a Tipp, I am worried an XL may be too tall for me (I am short so am not tall)! I don’t jump big jumps and don’t plan on it so don’t need fancy dancy one but I need a vest.ย  (It is actually optional for my division but still…)

Yes Jake crawled into the bag with my laptop the other day. Why? No clue

I can order a different one but the sizing on all the other brands really confuse me. So if you were as rotund as a beach ball what would your choice be? (Amanda I am rereading your blog posts now about vests!).

Head mistaken for a beach ball - GIF - Imgur
This just made me laugh out loud so I had to use it…hahahah omg

Give me some ideas. I only have a few weeks to make this happen! Anyone with an Airowear how do the sizes go? Remember. SHORT ROTUND PERSON! ARGHHHHHHH

Cat is NOT right in the head…just like me…

Thanks for any help! Btw, I literally had to just look on a calendar just to see what freaking day it is. It is Thursday.

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Happy Thursday! I am a mess!


21 thoughts on “Safety, Safety, Safety…(Vests)

  1. I highly recommend the aerowear Outlyne. The newer version with the perforations helps with airflow too. But the best are in incredibly customizable. You can get a wider vest with a shorter length. And the womenโ€™s version is actually built to fit women. I did a review of mine from before and I bought the new one with the better airflow since then.

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  2. I tried the Tipperary Pro and couldnโ€™t get it to work for me. I have a USG XL one and itโ€™s barely big enough around the chest…and really annoyingly long. So if they were even on your radar I wouldnโ€™t recommend. Iโ€™m 5โ€™1โ€ and wear a size L in most horsey apparel, M-L size 12 kin normal clothes, for reference. The friggin safety dance video popped up on a retro music channel last week and I admit I sat down and watched the whole thing…I had forgot the epic weirdness of that one ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. My concern with Tipperary vests is I am not sure they do much if you have a serious fall at a high speed. At intro you are probably totally fine, but I retired mine from even being under my airvest
    People seem to really like the Charles Owen vests and they have great safety ratings. I have the Aerowear Airmesh. Not sure how much cooling effect this actually provides, but whatever.
    It IS tight around my chest and I am ahem well endowed. BUT the side straps do have a lot of adjustment and once I have it on and zipped up, I am happy with the fit. They have a lot of sizes, and to be honest I’m not sure where you start, but they, if I remember correctly, do have a good chart to go off of.

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  4. I’ve heard good things about the Airowear Outlyne for that body type. I am short torso-ed and I have pretty big boobs and curves and I got a Champion Titanium and I’m obsessed with it. It fees really secure, doesn’t zip over my boobs like a straight jacket, and is well-ventilated. It also doesn’t hit the back of my saddle when I’m riding which is a huge win. I’m 5’6″, 160lbs and I wear an adult small in the Champion. *I was shocked by the sizing, but it gives me hope that they actually make sizes for curvy people!

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  5. My chest is the size of a pre pubescent boy so no real advice except to say that I have the Airowear Mesh and love it. The side and shoulder straps have a lot of room for adjusting the fit and I was sized in a teen size versus adult so I’d recommend taking measurements and maybe calling and asking about the best size from where ever you buy from. I’m short (5’3″) with a short torso and the length is perfect for me so I don’t think you’ll have an issue with length either.

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    1. That (prepubescent boy) made me laugh out loud and snort coffee out..hahahah omg. Thank you for the recommendation i remember you got one of those!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so odd my torso is short my legs from hip to knee are long then i am short. SO I am like a midget in a circus at times ๐Ÿ™‚


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