Cross Country Schooling Plus Leaving for Show Tomorrow!

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Are you? I am not…

I haven’t blogged for almost two weeks and probably have more to say but this happened on Labor Day and this takes precedance over anything else! We went cross country schooling! YAY.


To recap, I have not even been on a cross country course (except to stand on one while watching Emily’s trainer ride Remus in KY on a BN course), for 2 years almost. We went to school at the place we showed at two years ago. Remus is in so much better shape than he was back then but we still just stuck to the little jumps. We haven’t done this forever, and our event is just 2 feet division so we kept it little.


Remus was so damn excited to be back on a cross country course. This one is pretty tight and woody not open but it was still so much fun!

I have videos which I will share later as well as I am all packed up for the show since we leave tomorrow. Let’s just say there will be a lot of blogging next week to catch up. Oh and I bought a horse trailer and I fell off Remus…how is that for a cliffhanger?? Or ten?

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Have a great weekend all. I will catch you all up later….I promise. AND, this new WordPress editor sucks hugely…..hence me not blogging all week! UGH.

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Preach it Sheldon. I despise change and when someone changes something to take ten steps where one sufficed before. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

5 thoughts on “Cross Country Schooling Plus Leaving for Show Tomorrow!

    1. I know I know. I took last week off so ysterday was swamped in catching up for work stuff. UGH. It was heavenly being off but I am paying for it this week. Spoiler: we lived and got third 😉 HAHAHAH More to come…


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