We Showed, It Was So Hot, We Lived, We Placed!

So sorry for the radio silence. I still despise this new editor in WordPress and I am still so tired from my weekend away that I am not moving very fast. Add to that the fact I took last week off so had to spend yesterday playing catch up with silly work, yesterday flew by. So no blog yesterday. Boo hoo.


First off, meet Bella (My truck is Edward 2.0 (the original Ridgeline was Edward the First) since it sparkles in the sunshine). Since this trailer is boring and white I named her Bella since I think Bella was a real wet rag in Twilight. ANYHOO.

watch Out", "bella Swan", "swipe", "twilight"] GIF | Gfycat

I do love this trailer though. I literally bought it and drove to Illinois with it so you either learn to love or hate something with that much time spent using it. I ended up with a Shadow two horse slant with dressing room. Extra tall, extra wide for my 15 hand QH. It has a ramp and fans in the horse part. The bridle racks are way too tall for me and I need to arrange the dressing room so it works for me but omg it was a gamechanger at the show having it!


We stayed at a fairgrounds the night before (well Remus did, I stayed in a very nice Hampton Inn) so the next morning you hauled to the show and showed out of your trailer. So it was perfect timing to have this new shiny trailer to use. My truck pulled it like a dream, Remus seemed to like it (I am not a fan of a slant load still but it works and I can always use it as a box stall if we really hauled far away, so it is fine). The long drop windows on the tail end and the drop windows on the head side along with the fact you can open the back doors and turn the nice fans on means that Remus was NOT hot when he got off the trailer either way. And it got HOT this weekend.

I tied Remus up at the trailer for the morning which I don’t usually do but he was pretty chill (EXCEPT when the freight train came by that is a whole other blog, thank God that didnt happen when we were riding!) and he stood and ate hay and grass most of the day. The early morning was foggy and not too hot but the sun came out and the heat and humidity came out and it was miserable. UGH. I put him in the trailer some and turned the fans on. He was not upset at this!

The venue was a fun place. The people running it were so nice. It was only about 3 and half hours away so not a long haul. The course was TOUGH. There is no way to mince that. Luckily I chose wisely and entered Intro Starter. We could have totally done regular Starter but I am glad as hot as it got that we didn’t! Whew. All my friends who went (or most of them) either were eliminated or fell off but they were in more difficult divisions.

VideoToPhoto 637356928729763369

It was not a course for the light-hearted. Gorgeous but dang. Anyway we ended up third in a good division of adults and kids (I think they were ten or so in my group). I was very pleased with Remus. He was pretty amazing in Dressage (though people should not be inside the ropes talking to other people outside the ring during your test, Remus wanted to stop and chat). They got behind on time and by the time we were ready to jump I was dying from the heat and so was Remus. I truly thought I was going to die or fall off or both. Remus being Remus didn’t err and managed to be clear over stadium AND cross country. What a horse.

And this is the very best pat for the very best horse as we finished the course! GOD IT WAS SO HOT.

So we finally managed to do an event in 2020. We ran (or trotted) cross country. We managed to wear masks all day except when we were on our horses. It was a interesting show compared to the last time I did an event (2018?). You all have to wait for videos and more info later. Sorry. not sorry but I have to work now! Hahhahah yes I am still evil! I didn’t get a ton of media due to everyone riding when I was riding AND the fact that the show photographer somehow managed to not get one photo of me the whole day. Oh well…..I did get some video. Will share later this week! Happy Tuesday (it still feels like Monday to me)! HA!


Caveat to those who made it this far. WordPress sucks. My photos are lucky to even be in this post let alone centered or whatever. Sorry it sucks. UGH.

17 thoughts on “We Showed, It Was So Hot, We Lived, We Placed!

    1. i wanted the side ramp. SO BADLY and the straight load too. But I was cheap and if i wasnt buying the side ramp i hated the walk through door to the horses from the dressing room. So I went with this one. It is very well made and honestly I think you would be surprised once you get one how much you will use it. even for getting stuff from a Lowes or Home Depot to home you can use it for that. šŸ™‚ I missed having one for over five months. Get one you won’t regret it!


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