Happy New Year (Get the F out of here, 2020)!

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Goodbye 2020. We can’t wait to see the end of you. CAN’T WAIT! And now we are hours away! YAY.

Megan Davies
How I really feel….though I am happy 2020 is leaving…

The last week, I have had some great lessons with Remus and some crap weather with Tennessee. Not a whole lot else going on. But at least we still have our health. And I have had the week off from work.

So Happy New Year, whatever. The bar is not too high but to whomever and wherever you are, see you in 2021 WOOHOOOO! Here is to more blogging and more riding in 2021. We can hope! Right?

Schitt's Creek Gifs That Describe 2020
me too David! (OH DAVID) anyone else?

Schitt's Creek' Season 6 Review: A Fabulous Ending | Fangirlish
Bye bye 2020!
gif 1000 rocky horror picture show tim curry richard o'brien patricia quinn  rocky horror toast frank n furter that's the way to hold the glass  dontdreamitbehim •
Rocky Horror pretty much sums up 2020…what a long strange year it’s been!
Our Stuff Arrives Saturday!! – Fat Buckskin in a Little Suit
as well as Grateful Dead summing up 2020.

How are you celebrating? The dogs, cats, the husband, me, and the donkeys will be hunkered down at home counting down! (Okay maybe only the husband and I can count, anyway.)

Firecrackers GIFs | Tenor

Stay safe, stay healthy, and see you on the flip side!! Thank you for reading and have a (safe) Happy New Year!

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