I Really, Really Need New Media (AKA We Need to Get to Go Places Again!)

But anyway, another week down (I am seeming to just post once a week lately, oh well). Mark found this gem on his phone of a video from Remus and my first event in MD. UGH horrible. We were so bad but I wanted to share. Because oh my goodness from 2013 to 2020 (last dressage video I have) we have come so far.

The first video is from our first event in November 2013. I had had Remus not that long (maybe a year??) when this video was taken. Jeezus that neck. UGH. Glad I perservered, hahaha.

2020. Still not perfect but so much better. This was at one of our only CT shows in 2020. I miss eventing (I know I got to go in September to Dunnebeck but still. I want to go more! Anyone else feeling this???)

The weather is not great in Tennessee still (we had a couple day of 50s but back to 40s high and 20s low again. Hey at least the sun is out!! Enjoy your weekend, all, no matter what weather you have!! I didn’t get to ride this week (had a great lesson last weekend) due to some crazy life things but hopeful to be back at it soon. Anyone doing anything fun this weekend (let me live through you, thanks, Emily don’t tell me how great your weather is!!).

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