So Much To Catch Up On: But First Snowmageddon or Snowpocalypse Now

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But with snow!!

I know we had it so much better than Texas. Tennessee was a grade A shit show too but not on the scale of Texas and for that I am sorry for Texas but glad we made out okay.

Icicles were amazing but again way too much for TN!

Memphis is still under a boil water ban. I have never been so glad to live in a different county. Not only did we never lose power but even though our back room hot water froze we had no leaking pipes or anything like that. So yes over all it was okay. But the cold was excruciating. The snow was INSANE. The ice didn’t help either. The 10-day below freezing record was shattered. And when I say below freezing I mean we had several days were the wind chill was -15 with real temps at 0. AND THIS IS FREAKING at the bottom of TN. We ain’t built for this shit either. Even days that were 20 or about that were SO DAMN COLD I couldn’t feel my fingers when I came back in (or my face was frozen)

Mark hasn’t been able to drive to work in over a week. He has a rear wheel truck but anyway his site was closed cause of the water issues (not only boil but pressure is horrible and quiet a few people cant even get water pressure enough to get water to boil!). My dad started to wonder why the F he came south for the winter when VA was a hell of a lot warmer. Crazy ass weather for sure.

Donkeys did okay too but were not impressed!

Remus made out okay thanks to the amazing people at Trinity Farm. They had to pool together to make sure all the horses were warm enough, fed enough, watered enough, and keep all that together for a solid week. I literally could not get there due to being locked in by snow and ice. When I drove by to see him on Saturday (with a nail-biting drive to the barn on a back road with 4WD engaged, omg) he was happy to see me but not overly stressed. I promptly packed up his heavy weight blankets and took them home. If we get weather like this anytime soon, I am moving back North. SEE YA TN. HA

birds were NOT impressed either and I went through a lot of seed all week!

Overall it all went okay but if I ever see a snowflake again or those temps again, it will be too soon. Today it is 50 and sunny and while we still have a lot of snow the icicles are gone. I still almost wiped out on black ice this morning going out to feed donkeys. UGH I also wrenched my knee in the snow earlier this week fixing fences (you know what else doesn’t do good in subarctic temps? YES that would be electric tape). The snow was up to my knees in places and hips in other in the field. I was not built for that shit either LOL.I also had to haul water out to the donkeys in the snow and ice several times but thank god for their heated muck bucket. They don’t drink as much as a regular horse so it wasn’t as often. Yesterday I filled a regular muck bucket with fresh water no heat and they both drank deeply. I think they were as happy as us that the weather improved!

This was after the first snow storm not the second. Yes we had three total snow storms in a week… This is a pretty busy county road on the way to town and was shit to drive on even then.

Otherwise the sun is out and though it will rain like 8 days starting this weekend at least the temps are not zero temps so I will have to deal! Hope everyone who was in that path of nasty weather made out okay!! What a ride (and not a good one). Speaking of riding I may have to be retaught it has been so long!

More blogging to come as I have updates that got sidelined by winter from hell!

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Me if the weather shows any cold weather in the near future!

4 thoughts on “So Much To Catch Up On: But First Snowmageddon or Snowpocalypse Now

  1. Texas was really the pits. I didn’t see my horse and donkey for days, either, thanks to ice. I would be happy if this stuff didn’t happen to either of us again for a long time.

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