The Anniversary of the Fat Buckskin Blog

My first blog post was March 14, 2017. How can it be FOUR years since I started this wacky blog? Wow. Mind is boggled. Anyhoo, I have tons of media from last weekend’s lesson. So dumping it in here to celebrate my anniversary. Happy Buckskinversary.

These videos all were done before Remus got his stifles injected so hoping he is more forward (Or for him anyway) going forward. These are all the same line too I realized so mega boring. Sorry šŸ™‚ I had a lesson today and yes we are more springy and definitely more forward. No media today though BOO. But he was a great boy and jumped all the things we pointed us out once I got my head out of my ass. My fault not his! HA

hims may be slow but hims is the best! (I may be biased)

Happy Monday! How can it be the start of a new week already!!? Anyway enjoy the world’s slowest buckskin!

7 thoughts on “The Anniversary of the Fat Buckskin Blog

  1. Happy Blogiversary! Mine is this week too!
    You guys looks great!!! Remus is just the best buckskin, and you’re riding great too! Though I did love the first video where you were all “woah!” I feel that on a very deep level.

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