A Stuffed Saddle: Or How My Saddle Fits Remus Now!

the fabulous disaster. โ€” The many smiles of Chris Evans
Me when I realized I left my phone in my truck the whole time

So I have no media of this. NONE. Never even thought about it. Gorgeous place, gorgeous horses, gorgeous day. Major fail. OOPS

old photo but you can see it is kind of downhill

A lovely new friend of mine has a divine new farm near my boarding barn. She graciously opened her new farm to a saddle fitter who was coming to the area. I thought why not. I bought my Stubben Excalibur online but never had it ‘fitted’ to Remus. So I signed up.

May be an image of nature and road
Hope Kim doesnt mind me posting one of her photos of her lovely place but it is even prettier without snow ๐Ÿ™‚ PC KCC

Remus had a walk/trot lesson with the tiniest little kid ever before I could load and take him. He was so cute with her I was like omg. He saw his trailer (and me) at the same time and was like WAIT are we going somewhere? Loaded right up and went on the short 15-20 minute ride to Kim’s farm.

another recycled photo

Unloaded and had the requisite fuss over his color and how cute he is. Which is so true. ๐Ÿ™‚ He took it in stride. Sue put the saddle on his back and was actually quite impressed how well it fits him. But there was the tiniest bridge in the back where his massive shoulders drop off a bit then he drops in the back. So she suggested after adjusting it several times that we add some flocking in that area. She really thought then it would sit perfect and be just what we need (I dont really want to buy a new saddle for a coming 19 year old if this will work). So after asking how much (less than I thought it would be and it included the fitting fee) off her assistant went to work on it. Remus and I hung out and watched Kim try a saddle (N2 model?) on her lovely mare. The footing in that ring was so lovely I wanted to lay down in it and so did Remus. After not too long they brought the saddle back out and voila it fits Remus perfect now.

I can’t wait to try jumping in it soon. He then loaded back up and off we went back home. A fun not too taxing escapade for us. Now I want to go back to Kim’s and ride. Next time I will get photos!!

How often have you had your saddle(s) fitted to your horse (s)? This was my first time getting a saddle fitted and not actually buying a saddle. It was pretty interesting. Never too old to try new tricks. Neither Remus nor I! ๐Ÿ™‚ Too bad I didn’t, you know, document anything?

50 Animated GIFs for Every Situation Ever ยป TwistedSifter

Happy whatever day it is this week. This week has been a heck of a month. Wait how is it only TUESDAY?

3 thoughts on “A Stuffed Saddle: Or How My Saddle Fits Remus Now!

  1. Glad you had a good fitting experience and the saddle is in tip top shape for Remus!

    I’ve have a few fitting appointments in the past, and purchased a saddle from the fitter. I’ll be honest, it was more tailored to ME than it was to my horse, haha. Short legs and all. The saddle is adjustable so I can have it fitted for another horse if needed, but for all intents and purposes, it is fitted to ME and my shape (no off the rack saddle would fit me as well as my dressage does!).

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  2. I’ve honestly never had one fit to my horse. My Butets are foam, so I would actually need all new panels to do that, so hopefully they’ll continue to work okay… Shiny’s is wool though, and I would like to have it fit to her at some point. That is the nice thing about wool for sure. Glad yours was such a quick and easy fix!

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