Learning to Fly (Remus-Style)

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I had a lesson Saturday and had no expectations. I was riding with a different instructor and figured it would probably be a flat lesson. Boy was I wrong. Also just so you know I have no media of this. BOO. Because it was pretty darn cool what we did.

I got on and Jenna asked me how I felt. I shrugged, it was hotter than it was supposed to be and the flies were already annoying Remus. I had a sinus headache. I was not feeling it at all. So we started to trot and Remus was heavy in my hand already and lazy.

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me to Jenna pretty much!

Jenna said, okay we are going to mix things up. Let go of your reins. I stared at her and went huh? She was like you are going to make him move and not have reins. Just the buckle. I thought she was nuts but I was like sure at the trot, I can do that. Remus was dull at first then started stretching down a bit and moving forward with no reins. Literally the buckle. Then Jenna had me go across the diagonal and still no reins. Just letting him move. It was freaky as heck doing this. No control? YIKES. BUT also. Remus was listening and moving nicely by me just moving my leg to push him over. He also was NOT leaning on me since, yes if you arent holding his mouth like the end of the world is nigh, he can’t lean. Hmm, mind was blown.

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Then she asked me to canter him. I again went ummm really? Canter is not a good gait for us. Off we went and Remus was PERFECT!! Like moving forward, I was sitting up since again not holding onto him so not being pulled forward. When we reversed I was so shocked he went into the canter I looked down sure he was in the wrong lead. He was not.

We stopped for a breather and discussed the magic of what had happened. Then Jenna said if I lower that cross rail will you try it on the buckle. I said I guess so. And off we went to that. And…at first I freaked and leaned forward and was just like so discombulated that I didnt know how to jump it. Back to the beginning she said, dont freak dont stress just let him go and sit up. The second time was perfect. She then put the jump up. Still we got it. I even almost did a bending line it was riding so well. She added a few jumps so a mini course, including a bending line with a three stride. Now to be fair I biffed the three stride on the second jump because I freaked again and Remus added but the next time, I got it!! I even had to go around a few other horses to find my jumps. ON THE BUCKLE.

Baby geese nearby (my female goose in my pond area is still nesting, these are next door)

Takeaways from this lesson: I can sit up and ride and ride better if I am not in my head or holding onto his mouth. What a game changer. Now to figure out to incorporate this into further lessons. How crazy is that?? Like Remus was forward and hitting all the strides. Because I wasnt messing him up. Also I was riding better by not leaning forward and grabbing hold. Hmm, I still need to digest all this but what a fun lesson and who knew Remus could fly if he wanted to (and I let him). I am so mad at myself so not getting some media. It would have been so fun to see this.

So if you feel like you are in a rut. Try it. You wont be sorry. It really was eye opening!!

Chapter 14: Be Spontaneous, Try Something New

My clinic was cancelled for this week so I am a bit bummed. I need to find somewhere to haul to and do something. Going a bit stir crazy right now!!

And for a fun weekend project, I am taking care of my neighbors’ chicks this week. Also eye-opening, they are messy little things!! I will be glad when they are back home! HA! Happy Monday all!

There are twelve of them I wanted her to name them HA! She said she would call six of them Ethel and six Lucy! 🙂
pio pio pio (animación) | I love lucy, Love lucy, Baby chickens
My fear everytime I go over to their house!

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