Critters, Critters Everywhere

I had a very nice lesson with Remus on Friday but no media again. But that is okay because today I am going to talk about non-horse animals. As in wildlife seen.


We had a busy weekend here at the farm. I still can’t get anyone to commit to finishing my back fence. Mark and I went out there on Saturday and reset t-posts, etc. but we need at least one more set of hands to move the wire fence where it needs to go. NO one wants to work and get paid well these days. The kid never came back even though his mom said he would. BUT anyway. Back to critters.

He had a dent in his shell but he was not letting it slow him down dude was CRUISING 🙂

What did we see this weekend? Goslings, a skunk, some raccoons, a turtle, and a pileated woodpecker (eating our apartment deck). Yes, ain’t nothing but a thing.

Wild Kingdom TV - Home | Facebook

You want wildlife. Come out here to freaking wild kingdom.

Grhhh toothpicks anyone?
Yes this is the damage

On one hand it is great to see one of these up close (We have quite a bunch of them around from the noise we can hear in the woods but dude, stop!). Anyway enjoy the video of him destroying our house! Grumble. Anyone got solutions? I did order some deterrent stuff. We shall see.

Also, pretty sure we have a momma skunk under our deck. The cats enjoyed watching this critter for hours this weekend. Brave sucker she was. Just looked up at us though the window and kept on digging and scratching.

Ballsy as heck
I bet we could eat that

WTF is that?

I didn’t get a photo of the raccoons. But they are back at the feeders (first time in a long time). Also the geese next door were taking their babies out for a walk this weekend. So funny to watch them run along as the parents fly back to the lake. We still have a pair in our pond nesting, but we havent seen babies yet there.

Note some of the fence is up!

What did you all do this weekend? I know some of you showed and I am very jealous about that! 🙂 Happy Monday!

Ollie and dad supervising..yeah…
My dad had the great idea of running rope through the old barbed wire then attaching to my tractor to move out of field. It worked. Poor Mark may have been glad to go back to work today LOL!

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