Not a Cat Person!

A year ago today I found these little shits in my barn! And I had to bottle feed them and wipe their butts etc. etc. I was going to find them homes. Um..yeah. You all already know how this ends!

Sure I had cats before (Peeves never loved me like these cats love me) but I never considered myself a cat person. Till now. A year later and I am a total cat person. Who knew?? They crack me up on a daily basis. They chirp when they see me. I love their purrs. They are very sweet (to me) and are my cats. So I guess that makes me a cat person? They love my dogs and vice versa too. Too bad Mark and my dad don’t love them like I do. Ha!

As I type this Newt is laying on my desk watching me type. Cats. I guess I will keep them!

Doesn’t hurt that they are so dang photogenic either!! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Not a Cat Person!

  1. So cute! I’m a total cat person these days too. I’ve taught mine tricks and walking on a leash so he’s basically a very soft, non stinky dog 😀


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