A Quick Update

Remus is doing summer camp now at the barn. Next time I am there I will grab a photo of him. His side eyes are beyond compare!

I have had some good lessons on him. So far the weather has not been TOO hot so it hasnt been too bad for him and me. He is being used a lot in lessons now too. Mostly beginner walks and walk trots. ‘

We got dad doing some work lately too. He expressed interest in the tractor so low and behold I got my 85 year old dad up and he has been cutting grass. Loves it and even did the front field the other day though he was exhausted when he got done. Keep em busy is my motto.

Speaking of keeping busy, my lovely husband has almost finished my fence. We only have a few tposts to redo and finish clipping the wire and I have a brand new paddock fence. I am so relieved it is almost over. From trying to hire people to doing it ourselves, it has been a hassle.

So hopefully I will have horses back in the field sooner rather than later. I do have a few things to do out front with the electric tape but we should be able to do all this this weekend and then we shall see!!

Otherwise work is INSANE. I do love it and enjoy logging on each am which is a HUGE change from my previous job. Yes I am still stressed but I was so down at the old job it is nice to feel valued. Still a lot of things to learn. I have only been there just over a month now. I look forward to learning everything so I never feel this useless again.

We have a barn show coming up that I will do I am sure and then I am hoping to find a show to sign up for soon (AKA an event!). A bunch are going cross country schooling this Sunday up near Nashville, but I am passing for now. It is supposed to be really humid on Sunday and it is a haul! Next time maybe!!

I got a lovely new iMac to use for myself now (it is pink but almost rose gold really I love it!). My only questions for you Mac users who use WordPress: How do you insert photos into your blog posts, it won’t recognize the photos from icloud? (And yes I saved them as jpgs.) Otherwise I LOVE IT. I am sure I will figure it out. It was a nice gift to myself for getting a new job. I have a fancy laptop from the new job and now this so I am set up! As long as I can keep hell cats away from it!! The camera and sound and resolution are amazing. Whooohoo….

Have a great *rest of your* week (How is this week almost over already?)!

12 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. I feel you on the Mac picture problem. Whenever I tried to save them on JPEGS on my computer in never worked. I had to switch a setting on my phone to save photos in JPEG instead of HEIC now magically all is fine!!

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  2. Oooh! I just bought myself a new MacBook a few weeks ago. I couldn’t face doing taxes on my 2012 MacBook. It was a little…old. But I love it and while it’s technically gold, it looks rose gold/pink.

    As for pictures? I’m lazy and just upload them from my phone. I should technically investigate doing it from my laptop but I don’t?

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    1. I am not usually a Mac person but I have no issues with it (except the damn photos). I have my little chrome book to have for traveling so decided to get the desktop version. The camera and the sound is amazing. Glad you got something new too! I dont feel so guilty! HA!

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      1. I thought about a PC even though I loved my Mac. But my work PC has been a PIA lately. I’m dealing with sound drivers all the time and all these other issues (it’s only 2 years old (not even…closer to 1.5) and I want to toss it out the window. In the end, I just decided to stick with a Mac. I like that my devices are all the same operating system. If I get anywhere as long as my old MacBook? I’ll be thrilled.

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  3. I don’t use word press so not sure if this advice applies, but generally I can’t insert photos from the cloud anywhere. I have to save them to my desktop first (as mentioned above), then drop in from there. I use blogger, and my photos all save to google photos so I can access that way for the blog which is super easy. But not helpful for word press… sorry!
    Glad things are going well! It’s great seeing your dad up there on the tractor! I’ve found a dad that feels useful and needed is a happy dad. Can’t way for photos of baby horse at your house!!!


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