A Whole Lot of Things Going on This Past Week

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This is going to be a quick recap but I will do full posts later this week. Finally have a tiny bit of content to stretch out again (I can’t even remember the last time I blogged more than once a week, thanks Covid and life)


Anywho, we had a barn show on Saturday. Barn show on the hottest humidest day of year so far. Yeah last Saturday it was gorgeous, cool even with no humidity. This Sat, we had a show and at 630 am it was HORRIBLE already. Remus had his therapy kid first for trail and then we had to do jumpers. Yes jumpers cause we sure aint no hunters. They had signed me up for 3 classes, but I wimped out of one and said I would only do two. IT WAS SO DARN HOT. UGH.

Remus was a star. Emily his therapy person just loves him and he is so sweet. I need to get permission to post a photo of them and I have video. But he was great. Then I had to tack him up in my stuff and get out to the ring. Everyone else had been warming up before me due to me having to wait so I got a bit irked that I literally had five min to warm up while everyone else had longer but it was hot. Dont care. Trotted half way around, cantered, bounced over two jumps and called it warmed up.

Anyway, more to come but give you a spoiler!


I bought a horsefly trap from a local person in the last couple weeks. At first it mostly caught wasps and beetles but the horseflies had not arrived yet. I found that out when I went out the other day and saw this. Going to do a whole blog post on this amazing fly trap and give you all info. She patented it, and she ships! I am going to buy another one to to go out front of my house. They are a bit of work and upkeep but SO WORTH IT.


Oh and we added to the family. Right now the flies are SO bad I am not sure I am going to bring the filly home may board her through the summer at a local barn but I got two minis the other day. They needed a home, I had a barn. Yeah this happens! Meet Cherry (chestnut) and Barbie (palomino/white). I will give them their own blog post too. They are tiny and I need to mini-proof my barn (They can walk right under stall guards). But they are cute and friendly!!

That is it for right now. Busy week though!! Happy Monday!

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