Horseflies Galore and How to Fix That!

Technology no, brilliance yes!

Right before the minis arrived, we had no flies at all here at the homestead. I actually thought maybe the horse flies would not be as bad this year. HA I am funny like that and it usually bites me in the ass. Well they swarmed us and now they are here to stay. But this year I have a weapon.

That weapon is the Black Widow Fly Catcher. A woman local to me sells them and patented the process. I was kind of like this won’t work but imagine my surprise when I saw all it was catching.

gross but so satisfying!

You need to have it flat, there is a tiny bit of assembling to make sure it attaches and can’t fall off the barrel. You have to wrap black plastic around the barrel and you have to keep the plexiglass clean if you can. All is included in the price. The only ingredient you provide is water and a 1/4 cup of Dawn dish detergent. VIOLA. You can scoop the nasty ass dead bugs out (I bought a huge Koi fishnet for this) and change it periodically. There is a stopper in the black tub so you can definitely drain it as you need. I have also moved it a few times to get to the best place to catch them.

hahhahha just threw this in to make you laugh!

Here is her website:

She ships all except the barrel (and if you are local she sells the barrel too). But you can rig your own barrel. I have one catcher and am planning on getting one more if not two more.

Yes the flies are still horrible but I keep thinking everyday if I keep catching like I am, the breeding cycle will at least be diminished. Also I still like squishing the effing things on my front porch (I am so good at swatting them out of the air with the flyswatter, then stomping on them on the ground). Hey we all need hobbies right?

Hobby, Job, Career, Vocation (Liz Gilbert) — Reese

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. I am not paid for this opinion and I paid money for this product. It is worth every penny! You won’t be sorry! It also catches wasps, Japanese beetles, etc. NO honey bees have been found, birds don’t get in it either.


2 thoughts on “Horseflies Galore and How to Fix That!

  1. Thanks for all the info! My flies aren’t too bad, but I’m still considering getting one, especially if it might help catch the wasps! Those effers…
    Love that little video of Cherry! Supermodel!

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