Remus Update: Catching Up

Life got away again and instead of posting three times last week I only posted twice. So this is a catch up post on Remus.

Barn show

We had a barn show a couple weeks ago. I have no real media so let us just say it was humid and hot and horrible and even though we started early it was miserable. I ended up in the jumpers division because we dont really fit in hunters. Did I say it was hot? Oh yes, I did. By the time we got out there due to Remus being used in a pole class, everyone was warmed up. I did a quick tour and said yep, too hot to school much.

Then I attemped to learn the course. Which I haven’t had to learn a course since LAST SEPTEMBER (and that was at an event where there are numbers at each fence. SO MUCH EASIER). I kind of had it I hoped and watched the first couple people go. Then we were in. We were slow (In fact the winner of the class was half my time. That shows how slow he truly is.) But he went over it all. And we ended up fourth.

I skipped the next class and then the next class had a course then a jump off (HA yeah us). Everyone had issues on this course (but me for some reason) and we went over EVERYTHING and even sped up a bit cutting some corners. One girl went off course two had rails and everyone had issues. Then I had to do a jump off, which is kind of funny but again we did it all. SO guess who won the class? Yep us. Slow and true can do it even in jumpers. And then we were done so I went and gave Remus a shower and put him in front of his fan and called it a day. All by about 10 am!


The next day I had a lesson with Jenna and it was STILL SO HOT. And I was SO SORE. Ha. So we had a walk lesson with very little trotting and we did a lot of lateral work and Remus was a star. Such a good boy!!

Schooling on Sunday

Memphis Eventing is a new club I belong to. Memphis is not big in eventing but they are working hard to make it better. One of the member’s daughter just moved home and is an eventer so I am very excited to work with her. I had a sneak peek yesterday when we all met up in a field they have set up with jumps. SO Much fun(SO EFFING HOT AGAIN THOUGH). I look forward to doing this in the Fall. Remus was ready to go on a road trip.

We kept it simple due to the heat though a bunch of them really schooled all the jumps. We did a few cross rails and two gates and left it at that. OH and a ditch getting to the field. Wasn’t sure if Remus would go over it, but yep. OVER he went. SUCH a good boy. We walked and trotted and cantered a few times then she helped me school him some. The forward button was missing (Did I say it was hot?) but she absolutely loved him. Planning on taking some lessons with her in the near future. She ‘got’ Remus a lot and I appreciate that. She realized that he was hard work and gave me some pointers. This haul out is about 15-20 minutes from Remus’s barn so it is totally doable. VERY EXCITED.

May be an image of horse and grass
Remus in his element
May be an image of one or more people, people riding on horses, people standing, horse and outdoors
grabbing some shade!
May be an image of standing, riding on a horse, horse and outdoors
I hate the photo of me but love his expression…oh Remus!

I enjoyed using my trailer again and Remus enjoyed the fans again! I took him back to his barn, hosed him off and gave him some senior water and left him in again in front of his fan in the barn. I think he enjoyed himself!!

So we are DOING things, guys. He is the best guy ever. I am looking forward to competing again hopefully in the near future. A few of my friends are doing Champagne Run but I am not sure. The heat might be too much for us both. But definitely planning on getting back out in the Fall. It was so much fun!! And I forgot how good my boy is for a haul out!! And why I love him LOL! Though the horses in the next field started running at one point and Remus was sure he needed to go with them. HA! He didn’t but he thought about it.

So pretty!!

Hope everyone had a horsey weekend like me! (I had a lesson Friday where Remus jumped all the things and even did one line PERFECT). SO good.

Happy Monday (Well it is Monday anyway not sure about the happy part!) HA Now to catch up on work!

living the best life…

8 thoughts on “Remus Update: Catching Up

    1. hi they needed better care than I could give them due to them being so wild. A couple in TX adopted them and have them tying, getting feet done etc. I thought I had posted it but maybe didn’t!! Anyway a barn friend going through a messy divorce had to place these two divas (minis) So I took them šŸ™‚


  1. Definitely exciting to get out and about more with our horses! I hear you about not liking the heat and humidity. Both my own horse and I wilt pretty easily. Congrats on your class win and here’s to slightly cooler weather or at least some shade and a stiff breeze for your upcoming adventures.

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