Intro to Cherry and Barbie

Minions Crazy GIFs | Tenor
me this week…

First off how can it be almost the end of the week again? I meant to blog every day (I started this post on SUNDAY last weekend) and just ran out of time. Work has been insane but I do love the new job. Is it still new if I have been there a couple months now? Whatever! HA.

Anyway, here is the official first post of Cherry and Barbie (Cherry is the ultimate chestnut mare and Barbie is the lighter colored one but she can act like a chestnut mare some days too). The flies love Barbie’s eyes so the fight to wipe her eyes down is HUGE. I should video. Thank god they are small (they are so tiny it is hilarious). I bought them both mini fly masks but they are too big for them. I need small mini clothes I guess. They are very sweet as long as you aren’t trying to fly spray (Cherry) or wiping eyes down (Barbie)! I love them.

they love their fans
She is so pretty
raining and don’t care..
So cute…

They really were a great addition to the farm. I am limiting their grass so they don’t go out in the big field but I let them in the yard this week as well as the side yard and I went out to give them a treat and they both tried to follow me into the house! So cute.

The Only 4th of July GIF You Will Ever Need | Dinner Is Served 1972

Happy almost Fourth of July! Any plans? I have a lesson tomorrow and the humidity is supposed to break today. I haven’t seen Remus all week (see above on crazy times with me) and I have an update on the filly too! Stay tuned!

We had torrential rain yesterday after not having any rain for almost a month and my barn aisle flooded. Never dull here. Never…..well it is dull for Newt that is LOL!

Doesn’t look real does it? Yes he is laying on a dog bone….

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