Luna Update

Luna (Previously Stetson) moved to a nearby boarding barn a couple weeks ago. The flies are horrible here at home and the fence out front needs redoing (The minis dont need as much pasture so no worries there). I will bring her home in the fall and let her grow up over the winter.

But for now she is like 20 minutes from me. I dont get there as often as I want due to A) Dad and B) Work but at least she is close by and one of my friends from Trinity (where Remus is) has her yearling gelding there. So she has friends too. And my friend keeps an eye on her. The barn manager loves her there as well.

She is growing like a weed. She needs to stop that now. HA all legs. But she has a good brain. I went out there early one morning she came up to me at the gate and we went for a walk around the property (It is a gorgeous property) and she was good as gold. We walked through one of the big barns and back around to her area again (There are like 30 plus horses on this property, it is a breeding and Tennessee Walking horse farm).

She came with a pretty nasty sunburn. Luckily her paddock is very shaded but I will get her a fly mask. Also she has an arabian bridlepath that needs to grow out and she could use a mane pull.

She seems to move pretty good too.

Pardon the stall stains. She is going to need a good bath soon. She enjoys her sleep time hence manure happens. Also she is very curious. I am not a fan of her left side of her face with that bald eye but she is cute on the other side! 🙂

I think she is cute at least 🙂

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