Remus and His Feelings, With a Dash of Luna!

how we all feel with this humidity…

It has been pretty humid and hot here in TN. I know I know it is summer what do I expect but it is gross and I am tired of it already. The bugs are horrid. The divas are tired of it, Remus is tired of it and so is Luna. GROSS. I am looking forward to a crisp fall day!

I have had a few lessons with Remus. Last week’s lesson had me spiraling to the fact that he is 19 and I had broke him somehow. He first almost bucked me off (Literally air between my legs and ass and the saddle thank goodness didn’t zig or zag or my ass would have been on the ground). He was pissy at the canter and DID not want to jump (This is not Remus) So I was like oh god my horse is broken. Turns out he was up two-three days due to rain and stupid people who think July fourth is a week long and fireworks are needed for all those nights! So after resuming regular turn out and having a day or two off. VIOLA he is fixed.

We had a great lesson on Friday. He was pretty forward even though it was humid and he jumped all the things. It was nice not to have the pissiness and grumpiness and he even did a mini course without too much fuss (Except when I look down like a damn idiot). Anyhoo. He is a good boy again.

Bitch please, come here!

I helped at the barn Sunday morning, and he COULD not figure out what was what. WHY was I there and not paying attention to HIM? Why was I putting other horses in the cross ties? That was NOT allowed. He was literally pouting. So funny. He did get to go out in a paddock and proceeded to make himself a bay instead of a buckskin in the mud so he was happy then. I was like see ya! Not riding that gross thing. (it was SO hot by the time I was done and I am old so I was sore from doing stalls). Hopefully he continues to be the best boy and behaves (He got a bit sick of camp earlier this summer and showed his displeasure). Horse has a lot of feelings!

Luna is doing well at her new barn. She is behaving mostly though she has had a nip or two at people and gotten put in her place. Babies are not allowed to nip. She is so darn cute. Good thing. Because I think I may have another diva here.

how cute is she?

She is starting to look less like a baby now though her itty bitty tail has not grown much.

no tail!

I really think we found the perfect name for her. Luna works in so many ways!! Pale, smart, and goofy!

Insane uploaded by TRX/Lia on We Heart It

Heaven help me I may be in trouble!

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3 thoughts on “Remus and His Feelings, With a Dash of Luna!

  1. Mae agrees with Remus, it is too hot to ride or do anything with any sort of effort. She’s also wondering why we haven’t sprung for the air conditioned barn yet

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    1. I am hoping she deepens up color wise with age but it is very pearly looking now 🙂 and also i already bought cowboy magic green spot remover. Sigh 🙂 Remus is a brat 🙂


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