Chincoteague Pony Auction Opens Today: Whose Buying?

This was a fun couple of blog posts I did last year and figured why not do another. If I can cause ONE person to buy one, my job is done! HA!

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totally me i admit

For the second year in a row they cancelled the pony auction in person (though they will still have the swim etc). Last year it was the pandemic. This year, while that is still part of it, they cancelled back in MARCH. Which was kind of early. BUT they had a brilliant profit last year at the online auction so I think they decided why break what is not broken. They made more money last year on an online auction than any of their in-person auctions. Which blows my mind. But hey I like it cause I get to see all those cute pony foals this way!! SO on with the show!!

Who would you pick?

Get bidding today! HA! 🙂

My choices are below! If anyone wants to buy and donate to me that is cool too!

I mean how stinking cute is this one?
so flashy….

Who would you pick? Anyone buying? Enabling is on now! Ha

15 thoughts on “Chincoteague Pony Auction Opens Today: Whose Buying?

      1. There are a couple photographers (as in a married couple) who hike the island almost every single day. They take the photos. They aren’t paid to do it, they just do. When we bought our foal last year we bought a gillion photos from them! How fun to own a “wild” pony, but have photos of it since the day it was born!

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  1. A friend and I bought one last year! Sadly our foal’s Mom hasn’t been seen since March and definitely didn’t have a foal or I’d buy it (if I were shopping). Our boy is THE BEST! He’s smart, fun, easy to train. 10/10 think everyone should get one!

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      1. i love this so much i want to hug it and how did I miss all this? I grew up 20 minutes from chinco and even worked for one of the vets that did thier vaccinations. So i have always been around them. The ones from years ago were shits but now they are much better (I saw the chinco pony drill team at Fair Hill so cute). I just wish I could buy a bigger one, I would totally jump then. Already the three or four I posted only one is under1500 already 🙂 HA! I always pick the flashy ones. You were so smart buying a chestnut. He is lovely though!! 🙂 Thank you for letting me know (I think you need another one!) HA

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      2. Gene strings to 15h, which is about as small as I think I can ride and not look silly! If he is nice to ride I will def buy another one! There are so many people who know the bloodlines really well, you can def get one that is likely to be bigger. We are FB friends with a lady who has an older foal from Gene’s Mom. It is such a magical world of ponies!
        I love that you grew up there. It’s on our bucket list to go and at least now we won’t feel as compelled to buy one since we have one. LOL!

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      3. ohh if i could get a 15 hand I would do it. It was a magical area to grow up in. Rural as heck but fun. We rode on the beach each winter and got to see ponies that way too!!


      4. Yes! They are all quite a lot higher overall than last year! We started bidding in the last hour or less of the sale and there were at least 4 or 5 on our list under $2k, most were under $1k when we started bidding. Most of them all are near or over 2k and it doesn’t end for like 5 more hours!

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