I Signed Up For an Event! Gulp….

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I have been hemming and hawing about doing an event this fall. And due to some spectacular peer pressure (Thanks Amanda AND Emily you guys are true friends WRITTEN with true sarcasm LOL), I caved and signed up for Dunnabeck. Which is next weekend. AS IN A WEEK FROM TODAY. I may have yelped when I typed that.

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me when those two wenches talked me into this!!

I loved going there last year, the venue is fun and laid back. The grounds are really nice. We can hope the train does not come by during any of our phases but otherwise I hope it will be fun again.

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me and Remus if it does come by!

I also because of said friends signed up for regular starter. Which not only means tiny but bigger jumps than last year but I have to do a walk trot canter dressage test. UGH. Oh well you only live once right? Remus is 19 and I am, ahem, heading toward my 60s (well five years away!) so why not.

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I feel simultanously like vomiting and excited at the same time! How can that be? Too bad no one i know is going! I wont get media but I will have things to report at least!? I hope Remus is ready for a road trip!

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not this kind of road trip, no thanks but still….I like to think of me and Remus as a cool couple of friends (just not heading over a cliff)

I found a pair of used MH field boots that are speeding my way as I type. I got a steal on them so hope the sizing is okay. Once I know for sure I will probably go ahead and order a pair of the brown ones I really want!! I just ordered a sizable order from SmartPak including some treats for Remus and some other needed things for my trailer and the stall at the showgrounds.

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my credit card this last week or two!

I am going over the test in my mind (the funny thing is this is the test I rode all the time up in DE so when did I get so weiniefied? PS YES That is a real word!)? Anyway I need my cheering squad behind me!! Wish us luck.

Pardon me while I go vomit. 🙂

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I am only kidding (kind of)! HA!

5 thoughts on “I Signed Up For an Event! Gulp….

  1. Hahaha, that is the feeling I get about everything horse related. Simultaneously excited and nauseas. Why do we do this to ourselves?! Regardless, sounds like it will be lots of fun, but pretty please befriend someone to take media!!! And have SO MUCH fun!

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  2. You’ll do great!! I also agree with Backyard Horse that the GIFs and text were spot on in communicating the entire energy of this post lol I think you’ll still have good fun, and just know I’ll be cheering for you from all the way over here on the west coast!

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