Inconceivable! (Dunnabeck Horse Trials) The Journey Begins…

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Buckle up guys, this is going to be several posts just to not have mountains of text for you to be reading!! A LOT happened.

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Let’s start with the journey there. I loaded my trailer in the morning and headed to Trinity to get Remus around 11. I had plenty of time to get to the trials and be able to walk my course. My plan was to stop at the show grounds and walk the course and then take Remus to his bed for the night.

The drive is about 3.5 hours from Trinity. Mostly on crappy interstate roads (So sorry for any Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois peeps but your roads are WORSE than Tennessee and that is saying something!!). But the ride was okay. I stopped to get gas, Remus was munching on hay, and the temps were not bad at all. About 80s with low humidity. I dont think he sweated once in there which is great (he has his fans too!).

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When we were about 30 minutes out, we were on I57 in Illinois. Right before Mound, IL was when it happened. BOOM. I thought I had a blowout, I looked back and all traffic was pretty behind me so just took my foot off gas and let the truck slow. Then I realized two things.

  1. The trailer was literally rocking back and forth
  2. And the nose of the trailer was lower than my truck.

How the hell I didn’t panic and actually managed to pull my truck way over into the weeds (because the tractor trailers were zooming by actually shaking my truck and trailer). But I managed to do this. Carefully got out of my driver side and yelled to Remus to see if he was okay. He actually nickered back to me (as in WTF Mom did you just do).

The emergency brake worked just like it was supposed to do. The hitch had unhooked FROM my truck but was still attached to the trailer. The hitch was down on the ground with the trailer so hence the trailer was angled down on the ground. EVERYTHING was still in one piece. Including us!!

Now I was a bit freaked out. I had to get the hitch back onto my truck. The chains were so tight I struggled to undo them then my brain started working and I got back into the truck (CAREFULLY remember zooming tractor trailers) and backed up a few inches then i could release the chains. I got the hitch off the trailer and unplugged the wiring.

Then I started cranking the trailer up. Luckily everything STILL worked. But I had a problem. I coudln’t get it up high enough. I started thinking. For once I had brought my block (never do this but had this time) and also my mounting block. I got it cranked up enough to slide my mounting block under then got it up enough to get the block under it. Great something was working.

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Of course I had realized at once what had happend. The road had dropped quite a bit and obviously my pin that holds the hitch on had either sheared (or the pin had broken or whatever) when we hit. SO I still had a hitch. BUT NO pin to hold it in. I toyed with the idea of a tow truck, etc but was just like I CAN DO THIS. (Meanwhile a cop was right up the road pulling someone, I really thought he might come to check on me. NOPE). Not one person stopped. Thanks, world.

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I called the wonderful show secretary (since I was so close) and explained what happened. She called me right back with the nearest Walmart (I was almost off the interstate so that was good). I limped along to the Walmart about 50 miles an hour. I was so scared the hitch would fall out of my truck that I was just putt-putting. Got to Walmart, pulled about a million yards away from the door in the shade of a tractor trailer, gave Remus a treat through the window and went inside to buy a pin from the world’s smallest Walmart. I bought two! Got back out and had to wind the trailer back down onto the block to get the holes aligned. And then we headed to the show grounds about an hour behind schedule. WHEW. I was ready to go walk the course and get my horse settled in his stall. I was exhausted and I hadn’t even walked the course yet. I wanted a nap.

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Scariest thing to ever happen to me. My horse was a champ. I managed to keep my head together, though when I finally got back into the truck and got ready to limp along I realized then and only then I had damn ONSTAR and could have called for help. OOPS.

And that was the first five hours of my weekend. Fun times, right!? But we had arrived! Next the cross country course that made want to go back to the interstate and sit there rather than ride! HA

March was wack // March Wrap Up (feat. Princess Bride among other things) –  Petyr Baeish Books
Spoiler: How I felt after walking the cc course!

8 thoughts on “Inconceivable! (Dunnabeck Horse Trials) The Journey Begins…

  1. Wow! That’s really scary, but you handled it great. I haven’t had that happen, but it was in the back of my mind earlier this year when I had to replace my pin, and bought one with both a locking mechanism AND a cotter pin through it, so if one fails the other is still there. Definitely a good reminder to keep spare everything on hand!

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  2. I swear horse girls have some weird ability to not completely freak out about mishaps like this until AFTER everything is OK. I had a wheel fall off my pickup on my way to a horse show once. Recently, while driving from Texas to Montana, my friend’s generator on her LQ started on fire. Neither incident resulted in anything more than cost of repairs and time lost. Both times there wasn’t any complete freaking out until later.
    But dang if I’m not curious about a course that would make one prefer to sit on the shoulder of the interstate!

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    1. Hahhaha yes my husband (Once I told him about it on Sunday when i was back home) said he would have freaked. It has to be something in our genes for sure! ALSO it was just starter course. BUT it was pretty damn intense and overloaded with quite a few challenges. More to come πŸ˜‰ I am a wimp though so most people probably would have not freaked out on the course like I did (I also got lost 2 times on Friday afternoon alone walking it so that should tell you HAHAHA)


  3. JFC! A few weeks ago right after Bryan bought the boat, the winch strap broke as we were pulling the boat out of the water onto the trailer. Then one of the bunk rails sheared off. Luckily I remembered there was a Marine West 5 minutes away AND we had brought spare straps to use in a pinch but same thing, we were just waiting to see a boat left in the dust while we drove down the access road. I’m glad y’all made it there safely!

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  4. The Princess Bride GIFs are so on point in this! Perfection lol
    That is so totally scary tho! Now I feel like I’m going to need to store an extra pin in my truck just in case one of mine shears yeesh. You handled that super well! Way to go! I’m so glad you were able to arrive safely to the tho! I’m with you – I would’ve wanted a nap after that ordeal lol

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  5. Holy crap! Good for you for staying calm and figuring things out. I surely would have called someone to find out who I should be calling… Rather than just dealing with it like you did. But what the hell with the cop not getting you help when he saw you on the side of the road? That’s terrible! He has a radio…
    Can’t wait to read about the show itself… hopefully it was better than the trip there!

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