What a Week: Sickness in the House

Happy, Happy Friday! – The Libertytowner
Me this am

It has been a really not good, really bad week. Dad woke up on Wednesday morning with a cold (or who knows what)? He never had a fever, tested negative for Covid, but otherwise has been weak as a kitten (Wait, my kittens are not weak) and a miserable patient to have around. Mark and I are just disenfecting EVERYTHING so we dont get sick too.

Not weak at all none of these. Also it is hard to make your bed when all three cats and a dog are hooked up to their ‘chargers’ aka the bed 🙂

I was going to ride this week but cancelled in case it was something I was carrying. Now I am trying to figure out a ride this weekend and maybe even going to a local pony club meeting.

Five Schitt's Creek Scenes You Must Watch (AKA Your Mini Therapy Sesh)

The weather is just GLORIOUS. I just wish I felt more like doing all the things. I don’t think I am sick, no fever etc but I am exhausted mentally from dealing with my dad and also trying to keep my husband sane as well.

Poptv GIF by Schitt's Creek

UGH. November has not started well at all. Think of us!!My brother was coming in this weekend and was going to take dad off our hands for a few hours so we could do something just me and Mark. Well that is off the table but my brother is still coming. Maybe we can steal away for an hour or so and go for a walk or something.

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I think back (and look back) at our life in DE and I did so many things and had so many more adventures. Life was good back then. Enjoy life while you can, you never know how it can change.

you're beautiful, baby. you're the boss. — Grad Night || Merry Christmas,  Johnny Rose!

Anyhoo, Happy Friday all! Tell me all you all are doing so I can continue to enjoy what you are all doing!!

7 thoughts on “What a Week: Sickness in the House

  1. Ah, the ebbs and flows of life, right? I’ve been nursing my twenty-six year old horse with an abscess that seems to be slow in healing. The extra work leaves me feeling very tired and watching him experience pain is stressful. No riding adventures for me either. I recognize care giving for a parent is on another level entirely (from caring for a senior horse), but perhaps my misery can keep your misery company just a bit? In any case, here’s to better times ahead.

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  2. Isn’t that the truth. I’m thinking about you and hoping that your dad recovers soon. Also, maybe a professional caregiver a few times a week for a few hours could help if there’s room in the budget?

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