Tis the Season to Be Busy?

Cute pups sunning

Crazy times lately. I am traveling this week to DC to finally meet my coworkers in person! But meanwhile work is nuts, I am still attempting to find time to see my baby horse and my old horse, and also taking care of Dad (and Mark).

Someone got ahold of this little guy (He had hair missing on his tail and a scrape over his eye)

Mark is supposed to go to UK for Xmas but who knows if that will happen (He leaves next week!) due to the Covid mess there. We are all boosted in this household now at least!

Newt saying he would like a snack!

Just a crazy time of the year. I did finally purchase a few gifts online but some of my earlier gifts I bought, got lost by UPS sooooo not feeling very Christmasy this year. Sigh. Anyone else bah humbugging?

Anyhoo, wanted to drop in and say hi and explain my absence for another week.

Just don’t ask LOL

We have off the week after Christmas and I NEED IT BAD to decompress. Hope everyone is having a good (HOW IS IT ALMOST half over?) December. Anyone else having shipping issues getting gifts in? Just me?

Took my good friend Diana finally to meet (and ride Remus) he looks less enthused than she is šŸ™‚
yes old schnauzer and young cat snuggling!

Never fear I am still reading your blogs!! Keep on writing! Thanks for sticking with me!

The Grinch Creepy Smile

8 thoughts on “Tis the Season to Be Busy?

  1. I’m not so much bah humbugging as I am just not really feeling Christmas. I am buying stuff to give to people, but it’s win win cause it doubles as retail therapy for me lol. I kid that I’ll have to go to AA after this (Amazon Anonymous lol) but I know it’ll fizzle out once Christmas is over. It just gives me a good excuse right now haha. I hope you’re able to do all the things tho! It’s been equally crazy over here so I feel you ā¤ I look forward to reading your next update šŸ™‚

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    1. Mandy I am so so sorry for me bleating away how i am not in the mood. I cant imagine what your family is going though. I feel like an ass now. ANYHOO I hope you have a relaxing holiday and get some me time for yourself. And yeah Amazon gets us all šŸ™‚ HA! AA that is great.


      1. Omg please don’t feel bad at all šŸ’œ It seems like a hard year for everyone to be in the mood for Christmas and doesn’t make any of your frustrations around the holiday less valid šŸ’œ
        I do plan to take the week after Christmas off – I know I’ll need it! I hope you have a relaxing holiday too šŸ’œ

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  2. Lots of good retail therapy in the DC area — including the Holiday Market near the Corcoran gallery downtown, for handmade stuff made/sold by locals.

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  3. Ugh, yes, I ordered syrup from my brother’s company to give as gifts, which I had to mail some of them. Of course, that’s the package that went missing. Also, ordered Pia’s shirt for our holiday cards November first, and it’s still not here! So we have’t done pictures NOR cards yet. So behind. They might be New Year’s cards this year… Lol. I hope you have a good week to recharge after the holidays!

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